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voluminious hair

If anyone else hasn’t looked on at a Victoria Secret’s hair with envy – I applaud you. Their seemingly magical bounce & body is near on impossible to achieve at home alas here we still are doing our best to give it a go. Since first starting my blog I’ve become less OTT with my voluminous hair desires (heck I even go wild and use hair oils now!) however to combat my fine hair I still require some shape and body to prevent those tresses from ending up slicked down by my ears not a good look. To give a touch of hold, a smidge of bounce and a dusting of grit, here is a rundown of my voluminous hair heroes.

Everyday – you know those those days when you just need a touch of volume but nothing that will leave you looking like an extra in a Gloria Gaynor music video? Then you need to try the L’Oreal #TXT Volume Spray. You would have already heard me singing this sprays praises in the past as I’m already onto my forth repurchase, oh yes it’s hair love over here people! For lightweight texture to give soft hold to the roots, this spray will be your BFF.

When You’re Feeling Fancy – everyone knows how good the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray is right? Good. Let’s move on ;) I jest! Instead I’m here to ensure everyone is onboard with this texture lovers holy grail item. Price tag wise you won’t be looking at something that leaves you skipping down the street, however I stick to the smaller and more purse friendly size hence leaving it for those days when I’m feeling fancy or need my voluminous hair to last all night.

To Keep Things in Place – when you’ve got your hair perfect with each strand styled to perfection, the last thing you want is for everything to go flat. Hairspray works to a degree but I’ve found this actually work against all that root lift I worked so hard to achieve. Instead in these situations I reach for the Sachajuan Spray Wax* as it gives texture and shine whilst holding the shape you desire. I especially find this works a treat to mess up fresh curls to give a more lived in and beachy vibe.

For Serious Oomph – got a date with a wind tunnel yet don’t want your volume to leave you behind? Pickup the OSIS Dust It Mattifying Powder*. As soon as you dust this powder into the roots, wave goodbye to fine hair. A little goes a seriously long way here as it quite simply locks your hair in place. Don’t expect to be running your hands through your hair after a dusting of this high impact powder but rest assured that volume won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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  • I’ve been wanting to try Oribe forever – it’s just so expensive! I’ve heard so many good things about it though :)
    – Ambar x

  • I got 99 problems but voluminous hair absolutely ain’t one :-( My hair is soooooooooooo flat and limp! Partially it’s my own fault though, since I refuse to use any styling products.

  • I really want to try the Oribe dry texturising spray but my bank balance does not agree, loveee the Charles Worthington version though!

    Sophie x

    • I didn’t get on with that version sadly enough – love the L’Oreal one instead for a cheaper option!xx