Getting into Daily Hair Styling

daily hair styling
daily hair styling

Something rather miraculous has happened recently, hold onto your seats tight here people as you are about to get blown away! You see, I have become a daily hair styler. I know – say whaaaat! I’ve finally managed to progress past my ‘sometimes I brush it’ stage to graduate into full blown daily hair styling. Complete with products and straightners too oer. I know, it’s a revolution!

You see even though I’m being sarky, I never thought this day would happen. Previously I was locked into the camp of ‘how would anyone have time’. Quite literally how do people get time in the morning to style their hair? How do they know what to do? How do they get their hair to cooperate? These are all questions I would ask with trepidation however now, I’ve got the answers, just like them.

It all started back in my mushroom hair days towards the end of last summer. I got over excited in the salon chair and shouted with too much enthusiasm go shorter. That she did and my traditional style of leaving my straight locks to do their thang simply didn’t cut it anymore, I need some shape stat. Off I took to my trusty straighters and began waving the lengths of my hair. A subtle curl that didn’t need to be too precise, I could mess it up with a texture spray and be done. Not only that, I could keep rocking those curls for the next two/three days #genius.

Needless to say this new routine with extra heat required more care and attention going into my styling kit. In comes the Living Proof Blowout. A spray that enables you to style at a lower heat, fixes that shape in place throughout the day whilst keeping fly-aways at bay. If that isn’t enough bring in the Bumble & Bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster which keeps fine hair looking full and thick something I always struggle with. Breakage is prevented ensuring locks are reinforced from within for a stronger finish.

To keep that style in place with a tad more hold and bounce I go in with the Macadamia Professional Tousled Texture Finishing Spray*, especially on the first day of styling. The lightweight formula provides that all important volume and lift at the roots which I can struggle with after curling my hair. So there you have it – the official run down of me, the newly formulated hair styling gal ;) I’m still amazed I’ve kept up the curls, especially for work, and I love the extra bounce it gives to my style on the daily.

*pr sample