Everyday Makeup Routine for Work

work makeup routine

For this weeks video I wanted to do something a little bit different, a makeup routine but with a twist. To show you how I apply my makeup on a daily basis, I’m talking at 6.50am in the morning with bleary eyes and a dark sky outside, I’ve recorded an unedited look of what products I rock on the daily. I’ve stuck true to my everyday makeup Muji storage, using those products that get called about to mask those bags whilst bringing some luminance to my skin.

Overall the look is pretty minimal, nothing to OTT for work. I also like to try and keep my routine pretty simple and quick so I can sneak on that snooze button ;) I’ve recorded a voiceover to talk through the products and brushes I’m using however if you have any questions pop them down below or on the video and I’ll be happy to answer!

  • I find it amusing how many of us end wearing a very simple look for work and yet we go ooooh and aaaah at all the new releases and crazy trends XD

    • I do love to rock a more bold lid when a rare night out crops up in the diary but most for me it’s a super natural and wearable look each day!xx

  • TWENTY TO EIGHT??? Preposterous! ;-) Sorry you had to redo the whole thing. Great video though, and yes, it all looks lovely! Good idea that you mix those two powders together, smarts. By the way, TIL that you pronounce the E in Morphe.

  • You look gorgeous! the video is great and I’ll try this routine for college :)

  • Great routine! Love that brush you’re using …… might have to purchase :) xo