Swoon – It’s New Makeup Time

new makeup

I know – a collective haul video went up less than a week ago but I can justify this, I promise! You see although I’m calling this ‘new makeup time’ technically these additions came into my life back in December/Christmas. Instead of sharing them for the world to see I’ve been busy putting them to the test, carefully deciding what I love so I can also tell you where you can save your pennies. Ya see – told ya I had a good reason ;)

Let’s start with the not so impressive, the Estée Lauder Little Black Primer. I was SO excited to get my hands on this latest release from the ‘Little Black’ collection. Pictured in my head as thee black liner to own, I got enticed in by the double ended feature that gave you a fine felt nib alongside a flatter more dramatic side. Initial reviews were positive and although it seemed impossible to find, Father Christmas placed one under the tree for me what a gent! Sadly after initial use it was clear to see the ‘fine’ nib actually remains stiff making application uncomfortable. I struggle to achieve the desired line and found flicks impossible. This might work better for someone more experienced in the liner department but for a noob like me the struggle was real.

Time to try a lipstick. Again, captured by the swatches and ultimately the name, Bitch Perfect, this had to be mine. One of the CT K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks, you are promised a fail safe recipe for perfect lips – bring it on! Housed in the now infamous rose gold bullet you get a more traditionally shaped lippy ready and waiting for application. From swatches online Bitch Perfect looked to be that perfect peachy nude, depending on skin tone the shade can look more pink however on me it looks murky. It’s as if a pink hue is trying to break through but my lips simply won’t let it?! Madness I know but the formula is a win for me so by pairing it with an amped up liner I get the best of both worlds.

Finally – Mr Tom Ford swooooon. Officially my first blusher from Mr Ford that breaks that luxury price tag and starts a whole new purse weeping status. The Cheek Colour in Love Lust is my blusher perfection, yes it may not result in all Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers being pushed to the back of the cupboard, but it does combine my two all time favourite blush shades. I give you a MAC Melba and Stereo Rose love child! You’ve got peach, you’ve got warmth, you’ve got a hint of luminosity. It is all kinds of gorgeous and I love it – lots!