When Crackers Get Fancy

oskia cracker
oskia cracker
oskia cracker

It twas the night before Christmas Eve and all thoughts turned towards turkeys, presents and those sparkly crackers that get added to the festive table as a spot of decoration. Not only do these crackers provide some comic relief, a chance to wear a rather fetching paper hat all whilst containing a laugh inducing joke, now they contain beauty products.

Gotta admit, this isn’t the newest of concepts however it is one that seems to be gathering popularity – hallelujah. I don’t know about you but I would much rather a mini beauty product inside my Christmas cracker as opposed to a keyring or even better, a plastic paper-clip. Oskia are one brand to have jazzed up the simple cracker with their Merry & Bright Cracker*

Inside you get a 40ml bottle of the best cleanser in the world, the Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Time to put those hands in the air and thank those skincare angels. Not only does it mean your travels in 2016 will contain one of the best cleansers out on the market, it also means that you have some pretty fine looking crackers around your dinner table. I’m sensing a win win situation here people!

*pr sample