Upping Your Oil Game

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We all know that come winter we’ve gotta layer up our skin with moisture, oils, nourishment and hydrating serums to ensure we don’t end up with dried and cracked skin. Those harsh cold winds, frosty mornings and bitter temperatures although it’s actually sitting rather warm for winter right now means that it’s time to switch up your skincare wardrobe and swap out those lightweight summer gels & autumnal serums ready for those products that pack a punch for winter.

Luckily, brands have cottoned on to this trend. I know, even our favourites manage to pick up on the changing of the seasons too ;) Sarcasm aside, since getting into oils and seeing the incredible difference it made to balance out my combination skin I am more than happy to put a new one two the test. What’s even better than that? Two new oils!

Elizabeth Arden have unleashed a newb as part of that classic and cult eight hour cream lineup. Introducing the Eight Hour Miracle Oil*. Promising a blend of omegas, vitamins and Tsubaki oil, this multi use product can be used for your skin, hair and body. What I love about this is the spray. That’s right it’s an all over oil that comes with a spritz applicator making it fuss free to use. Not only that, the scent is uplifting and inviting and leaves you wanting to spritz it everywhere.

If you are looking for something more akin to those oils you find in a top notch London spa, try out Oilixia Skincare and their Brilliance Facial Oil*. Packed inside are 18 naturally sourced oils that leave you with radiant and visibly smoother skin. Heads up, retinol does appear in the ingredients list, personally I’ve not experienced any problems because of this but something to be aware of. I find adding this oil into my routine post a clay mask session ensures my skin isn’t left feeling thirsty or dry and I’m left with radiant skin come morning.

*pr sample

  • Tarryn B

    Does the Elizabeth Arden oil smell like the original 8 hour cream? God, I hope not!

  • Sheridan Grady

    I lovvveee oils at the minute! One in a spray bottle would be so handy though as they can get a little messy! x


  • Oh I love that the Elizabeth Arden one comes as a spray, that’s great!

  • The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Miracle Oil sounds fantastic!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Ooooh I’m very curious about that Elizabeth Arden one! You know, I didn’t love the original 8 Hour Cream (mainly because of the scent), but now that it’s in oil form, that changes everything, haha. Plus, it has an “uplifting scent”? That’s like music to my ears — going to keep this one in mind :)
    Steph | Misc. Bliss

    • I know I was dubious at first because of the 8 hour cream scent but luckily this one doesn’t have the same problem! Would have really struggled if it did!xx