The Magic Of Skincare

the magic of skincare
the magic of skincare

Over the years, since first starting my blog, I’ve transitioned from a girl that would only love all things matte to a girl who goes out shopping on a Sunday without a single piece of makeup on her face. As much as a new blush palette or bronzed up shadow gets my heart beating, skincare is where it’s at. Over the past two years I’ve spent more time and dolla investing in different skincare brands and products to switch things up and create a routine that not only cares for my skin, it keeps it blemish free.

It’s true what they say, makeup is nothing without good skin. You can apply all the thick long lasting foundations in the world but if your base isn’t looked after, everything else you put on top will never look as good. Don’t hide away your skin, look after it and you’ll find you want to show it off like never before. Seeing my once greasy t-zone, which caused makeup to slide throughout the day, transform to a balanced complexion that now needs limited concealing, it makes me wish I paid more attention to all that skincare chat from a younger age.

Don’t get me wrong, I always had some sort of skincare routine in action however I didn’t fully understand how to really look after my skin. See now I know that oily complexions shouldn’t be stripped from oils and hydration, instead going in with a hydrating night oil results in a more balance t-zone come morning. Learning the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin was a game changer, finally understanding what my skin was crying out for meant I could switch up the products I was using to give my complexion what it was missing. Alongside that, chemical exfoliators and AHA’s transformed the texture of my skin and allowed makeup to sit happily throughout the day.

I’ve become so amazed by the positive change a good skincare routine can make that I’ve now become that person at work that turns up with sample pots for people in the office. Wanting to spread the world and teach everyone about the powers of understanding your skin and emulating that through the products you use. If you’ve ever doubted the price tag when it comes to a serum or oil, just remember back to those days when you’d catch a glimpse in the mirror to see makeup disappeared or rubbing off your face. Skincare is the base and getting that right will make the makeup side of things so much more fun.

Are you a fan of skincare? How have your thoughts towards this part of your routine changed over the years?

  • I love this post! I completely agree that you need a good “base” to put make-up on. Look after your skin and the rest will look after itself :)

    Also, I love the photography in this post. Great photos :)

    Love Charlotte Elizabeth xo

  • Urvi

    I am so thankful for this post. I need to seriously reconsider the different options and choose the best one for my skin. My skin has started acting up again and I guess listening to it is the first step.

  • I love skincare a lot. I might even say that I love it more than make up….. Like you say its the changes you can noticeably see when using particular products or routines. I swear by Pixi Glow Tonic and can’t be without it! xo

  • Same here! I’ve become quite the skincare addict!

  • I am a huge fan of skincare, I’ve stopped wearing makeup for a month to try and get my skin clear again as I have a few blemishes but I’m still trying to nail a perfect skincare regime to suit me!

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  • Great post! AHA’s really are a game changer!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Louise George

    Love this post, such a closet skincare addict. Also where is that basket from? Such a good storage idea, my baskets are a nightmare!