Organising Those Minis

mini beauty products alex drawers organisation
mini beauty products alex drawers organisation

When your drawer *correction – drawers start to overflow with minis you know you’ve got a bit of a problem on your hands. There becomes a point sadly where the saying ‘but it’s cute’ or ‘it’s a cheap way to tryout a new brand’ or even ‘but it will be perfect for my next trip away (not that I actually have a next trip away even booked in the calendar)’ doesn’t cut it any longer. You’ve got too many and you need to have a serious clear-out. Case in point last Sunday when I simply couldn’t squeeze anything else into said drawers I knew it was time for action to be taken gulp.

I have two dedicated drawers in my Ikea Alex Unit specifically for my love of mini bite sized beauty products. To keep everything in some sort of order I picked up the Muji Desk Organiser Storage Boxes and went to town with my label maker. Initially the products laid flat but in the interests of space the executive decision was made to stand everything up (a decision I know I will come to regret when the time comes to move again).

The categories were simple, following my daily skincare routine you have cleansers, toners, moisturisers, masks, serums & oils. By splitting up the products I can quite simply grab a mini version of my skincare routine ready to pack away for an impending journey. Alongside the categories I even attempted to group the products in each section together with sub groups like hydrating masks, chemical toners, daytime moisturisers etc. Let’s see how long that will last for ;)

In the second draw aka overspill I have makeup minis, body lotions, body oils and haircare. Up here live the less glamorous of products, including all my empty bottles ready for a spot of decanting and slightly larger minis that don’t technically have a home. Any product that I know I won’t use was gifted, anything old or worse for wear was binned and finally I have an organised drawer/s filled with minis – now I just need to book a weekend away so I can use them!