Chic Glitter

nails inc snow globe
nails inc snow globe
nails inc snow globe

As soon as the words ‘glitter polish’ are uttered, beauty junkies unite with the look of fear thanks to said polishes being notorious for their inability to be removed easily from your nails. The faff, piles of cotton pads and hour on the clock that can be needed to get rid of every last inch, too much hassle right? Yes, until it gets to Christmas. It’s physically impossible to get through the festive season without donning a glitter polish, well, that is unless you’re the grinch ;) Although glitter can be associated with huge thick chunky pieces that chip in an instant, I’m here to show you something different, something chic dare I say!

Nails Inc have a gorgeous festive treat in the form of their Snowglobe Polish in New Globe Walk* Golden glitter particles are suspended in a clear polish, simply shake the bottle and paint away. Depending on how much you shake, you can control the level of glitter that is coated on the brush, perfect for those who just want a hint of golden glimmer. I’ve layered this with Regents Mews* a deep berry wine shade that pairs perfectly with the Snowglobe polish.

You may have also spied a couple of letters added to the caps of my Nails Inc polishes. Part of the new Styled By You a personalisation service offered by the brand where you can design the cap on one of your favourite polishes. Perfect as a gift or to treat yourself, the service allows you to pick a colour, design the cap with a monogrammed letter, crystals or message followed by a presentation box which you can also customise with a message. A unique gift that’s that any manicure buff would love.

*pr sample