Billy and the Chicks


If you saw my Saturday round up last weekend you may have spied me talking about a new chicken joint. I’m not just talking chicken however, I’m talking fried chicken. Oh yes a new fuss free fried chicken space has opened up in our humble Soho. Under the name Billy and the Chicks head to St Annes Court (a side street snuck away off Wardour Street) to indulge in an array of fried chicken, burgers & wings. Even those non chicken lovers can order a plate full of ribs to dig into, all bases are covered over here!

Let’s talk menu. Up on offer is 2 pieces of chicken and a side for £9. Ribs for a tenner and mac n cheese even exists as a side. 6 wings can be yours for £4 and for those looking for a takeout option you can nab chicken, chips and a drink for a fiver. Each dish is fuss free yet darn good, bursting full of flavour and fried goodness you won’t be left disappointed.

Let’s talk vibe (even though they hate that word). If you haven’t gathered by the menu there’s no bells or whistles going on here, just great food with an atmosphere that will leave you relaxed and feeling at home. Lunch is taken care of but if you find yourself wanting a stronger tipple alongside your fried bird, look no further. With decks out on display and an enviable bar on the other side of the wall, you can chill out to the wide mix of tunes whilst ordering up another plate of their riblettes. Billy and the Chicks know how to create that quintessential Soho space whilst tailoring to everyone’s fried chicken needs. My only problem? Finding a way to stop myself going there everyday for lunch ;)