Pizza Times at Franco Manca

franco manca
franco manca

Everyone loves pizza. If you don’t I’m gonna have to question your sanity as…why don’t you?! Just you try and get yourself out of that one ;) With a beautifully crisp yet doughy base, topped full of cheese, salami, peppers, ham, chicken…oh man I need to stop otherwise I’m going to find myself awkwardly salivating over my keyboard #goodlookbabes Pizza is just fab, it’s like that life long friend that you can rely on to lift your spirits or comfort you when you’re down. It takes the stress out of cooking however can turn a night in into a pizza party resulting in your own decadent creations. Before I get carried away and spend the entire post declaring my love for this tomato based circle of happiness, there is a restaurant behind my pizza affirmations.

Franco Manca. Pizza with a difference. Gone are those stodgy bases covered in oil creating a slippery surface where your toppings slide off in disarray. Instead welcome to the world of sourdough pizzas. Oh yes the latest bread thrown into the spotlight thanks to its more digestible state and lower GI level meaning you don’t get those insulin spikes compared to traditional white breads. Franco Manca serves up each pizza concoction on said base resulting in a happy full state post pizza consumption as opposed to those uncomfortable blown up feelings we have become accustomed to.

With 18 restaurants dotted around London there is soon to be one on your doorstep. Recently Soho has opened up on the Franco Manca map with it’s lunchtime status quickly becoming a hot topic within the local businesses. Downstairs you have a haven of pizza lovers with a number of tables stacked away so you don’t get that hectic lunchtime queue. Instead you have a delicious pizza coming out to you in mere minutes ready for you to devour before heading back to your desk in your happy pizza coma state.