Empties Video #2


Look at me using up those beauty products! *Pats self on the back, gives self high five whilst spinning around on the spot before falling over* In an attempt to clear out the sheer volume of beauty products I had before the move I set myself a little mission to use up everything that was almost empty. I’ve gotta say, I did a pretty good job and cleared through some haircare, skincare, makeup and even perfume.

Although I was a good little egg using up all those empties, I may have packed up each product just so I could show them all in a video to you. I know – that’s some seriously questionable logic! Packing your rubbish and moving it from one house to another so you can film it for people on the internet. YAY! Anyway apart from finally being able to throw these pieces away, I hope you enjoy this latest roundup of beauty empties :)