Discovering Pix


I have found a restaurant that makes me cry sweet beautiful food tears. A restaurant where you don’t even have to order the food it is just there. This concept will be familiar to those of you that have frequented the likes of San Sebastien. Oh yes I’m talking tapas, but not that British style tapas where you have to order and wait for the food to arrive, I’m talking tapas where the food is there. Laid out ready for your greedy guts to dive straight into and boy did I!

The restaurant in question is Pix. A fairly small venue in the heart of Soho (there are a few dotted around) where you quickly become BFFs with the couple next to you. Unassuming, uncompromising and utterly delicious. Each dish comes with a stick, each stick holds a price. Simply pop them in the jug or vase given and that’s how your bill is calculated at the end of your meal.

Back to the food. As mention, it’s all laid out waiting for you to devour but not buffet style. There is no vat of dried up pasta or platter of weird looking fish. Every dish is small, perfectly formed and never sat waiting around for long so you know it’s always fresh. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you don’t have to fear those judgemental eyes when you load up your plate for the third time. Each dish is spanish, delicious and bursting full of flavour.

I would highly recommend a visit if you love food, chorizo and churros. It’s the perfect place to go with friends or for a catchup after work. Also if you can snag a table near the front by the food you will be in prime position every time a new dish gets brought out. Just sayin ;)