Budget Beauty Contour Battle

budget contour battle

Thanks to the Kardashian Jenner clan we are all firmly on board the contour band wagon. Perfecting those chiselled cheekbones to create shape and definition across our faces, bring on those cool toned bronzes so we can faux what our mamas didn’t give us to the max! Alongside the luxury contour kits getting snapped up across every beauty hall that stocks them, the good old drugstore has cottoned into the trend and curated a number of different palettes and budget offerings so we can still achieve that contoured look without the price tag. But which one is best? Does a single brand hit the nail on the head or do each bronzed up offering contain a smidge too much of those orange tones meaning the entire contour aim is lost. Time for a comparison post!

These aren’t every palette on the market I had to stop myself at some point! but it’s a good range of whats available. Commence the judging! First with the two lookalikes from Sleek & Seventeen they both have a bronzer/highlight duo that sit within that golden spectrum. The Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in Light and Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit* both unfortunately come across too warm for my skin tone, if you want to add warmth to your complexion these are perfect but I would forgo contouring here. If you want a bronzing kit to pack into a travel bag these are both light and super portable but beware of those warmer undertones.

Next the two kits that ever so subtly push into the contour bracket. The L’Oreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder & Maybelline Master Sculpt are both sets that contains a more grey toned shade, highlighter & brush/mirror compact. More bulky in size yes but hey it’s what inside that counts ;) Maybelline packs a serious punch in terms of highlight however their contour shades comes out a tad chalky. L’Oreal has a stronger pigment whereas it’s highlight shade is more natural and it’s bronzer shade can tend to look more golden on certain skin tones.

The brand that knocks it out of the park for me is Barry M. Their Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit rivals those luxury brands with the range of shades, formula & pigmentation you get. It has the most true contour shade for my skin tone and I love how it has that darker bronze for an evening look. There is no highlight shade however the yellow toned setting powder aids in brightening the skin whilst setting your base in place.

Overall the budget offerings are a little bit and miss however spend some time snooping around the aisles and you’ll unearth a gem that gives its luxury counterparts a run for their high end price points.

*pr sample