L’Oreal True Match – A New Match Made in Heaven?

new loreal true match
new loreal true match
new loreal true match
new loreal true match

On a recent trip to Boots I saw something that left me shocked, stunned and mildly flabbergasted. Don’t worry I didn’t find myself lost within the aisles of foot fungus care seriously, so much fungal care! it was actually caused by the fact that my favourite drugstore foundation looked different. Falling for a budget base took many years, I had to bypass my scepticism, look past the dodgy packaging and embrace change in order to find a foundation that I ended up falling head over heels for. The L’Oreal True Match Foundation was something magical. Medium to full coverage leaving a satin finish that perfected your complexion without looking heavy, I was seriously impressed. So, imagine the horror I felt when I walked past the L’Oreal stand to see something dramatic had changed.

They’ve touch the foundation. Not just touched, they have reformulated, repackaged and rereleased. W.T.F. Why oh why must brands fiddle with the tried and tested? Yes there is the chance you might make things better but there is also the strong chance you end up making things worse. Oh the horror! Eager to see the difference I snapped one up, in 2N Vanilla a shade lighter than the original, and put it to the test. According to L’Oreal the new formula contains three new shade enhancers to help get your perfect match. Instead I noticed a thiner formula, amped up dewiness and a tad less coverage.

In comparison the reformulated True Match now becomes your perfect everyday base. Previously I would find the coverage a tad heavy for day to day wear however would rely on it when it came to an evening look. Now the new formula gives more of a natural finish that still harnesses those same long lasting properties. Personally I can see me reverting to the old formula for nights out those nights out I have oh so often but already I’ve looped this new base into my daily routine. If you loved True Match but found it a tad heavy this new formula will quickly become one of your favourite daily bases.

Check out my post about the old one here!

  • See, you’re the type of person that could convince me that a drugstore foundation is just as good at the super pricey high end ones. In fact, you’ve convinced me that this reformulated version of the L’Oreal True Match would be perfect for me. Not too heavy and dewy? Umm, yes please. It looks so good on your amazing skin!

    Kiara x // http://www.lioninthewild.com

    • With this one honestly I really it does rival the luxury ones. I was so sceptical at first! Hope you like the reformulated version :) xx

  • I am excited about the amped up dewy factor, I was warned to stay away from the old one because of its clingy tendencies.

    Chelsey | http://www.chelseythornton.com

    • It was a bit drying (which worked for nights out) but this formula is much better for daily wear :) xx

  • hollycarole

    I’m such a fan of the original formula that I’m almost too scared to try the new one incase I don’t like it :( As you say it’s so frustrating when one of your favourite products gets changed – I do like the new sleeker looking packaging and more dewiness sounds great, I need to have a good old swatch when I’m next in Boots!
    Love Holly x


    • To me they are too different foundations and I will still reach for my old one just will cry a tear when it runs out!xx

  • i feel very intrigued to try out the new version. I used to use it and now I’m seeing posts from loads of bloggers about the new version. xo


  • I love this foundation! Since discovering it I always feel so confident with my face.


  • I need to try this, sounds lovely!

    Sophie x

  • Megan Biggin

    I was so worried when I heard they’d changed this. I can deal with the packaging change but not the formula, this is my favourite foundation for coverage, finish, just everything. I’m so glad that you still like it, so hopefully I will! x

    Megan | http://www.meganjean.co.uk

    • Hopefully you will too – I think you will notice a difference with the dewyness levels however for an everyday base this is fab!xx

  • Parie

    I prefer the newer version of this foundation as well, so much so I have two back up bottles! I was worried as well but it’s great!

    Parie xx

  • LipstickandLightening

    Oh no :( True Match is my favourite foundation. I have to repurchase it tomorrow, I hope I’m not disappointed x


  • I’ve tried the old formula and didn’t really find it was doing much for me but maybe the new one will change my mind!

    Sara | http://www.marybloomy.com

  • The old formula didn’t agree with my skin in so many ways. But, the improvements they’ve done sounds like a dream to me! I found the old version to be a bit too heavy and cakey. The good thing about this foundation is the shade range! I have light olive skin and usually struggle with drugstore bases being to pink-toned. Might give this new version a go, actually!


    • I think you will love the new version then – they have the same great colour range too so easy to find your match :) xx

  • It might be weird, but I don’t like the new formula. I loved the old formula on my skin and found it to never look cakey on me. However, I don’t get along with the new one. It makes my face look extremely cakey :( Maybe I just picked up a bad one.

    Anne | http://www.decanne.blogspot.com

    • Oh no that’s a shame – haven’t heard anyone to say it is more cake but I did find myself applying slightly more due to it’s lighter coverage so possibly that is why xx

  • Dana

    I hate everything about the new formula! :( I swore by the shade Porcelain for 10 years. The new formula is way too pink for me and I don’t like the slight shimmer. It’s also much thinner and I feel like I end up using a lot more product for a lot less coverage than before. I’m really bummed I have to search for a new foundation now. Loreal why you do this to me?!?

    • Oh no! Such a shame you don’t like the new formula – hopefully you can stock up on lots of the old style bottles!xx

  • Hildegerd Haugen

    This was lazy of L’oreal, they should have kept the old formula and bottle and released this as true match light or something.

    • True! But nice to have a new formula that lots of people like :) xx

      • Hildegerd Haugen

        It is ok.