Keeping a Tan with Vita Liberata

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Whenever you spend a week in a country with the blissful sunshine, you are bound to get a bit of golden colour to your skin. Now I’m not one to full on sunbathe, my pale English skin just instantly burns and I don’t want to risk the damage those pesky rays can cause, however I do like it when that golden hue starts to appear. Why is it that everything just looks better with a tan?! Luckily that holiday glow doesn’t need to disappear, especially not if you have these two goodies from Vita Liberata.

Although I moisturise daily twice when I’m trying to prevent a tan from fading I still find that any colour in my face has gone after two days of being back in the UK. Put it down to my over diligent skincare routine that means my lusted after golden colour doesn’t stick around for long. To keep my face matching the tan on my body (and to help keep that glow for an extra week) I’ve been reaching for these two new bits from Vita Liberata. An overnight moisturiser to bring the golden hues whilst you sleep and a bronzer that tans whilst you wear it say whhaaat?!

The Self Tanning Moisture Mask* does exactly what it says on the tin. After one application you awaken with a natural glow that gives a soft kiss of colour to your complexion. Not only do you get that healthy colour, this really is moisturising. Replacing my evening oil or hydrating moisturiser with, what is on the surface just a self tanner, caused for questionable looks to be given, however from the texture down to how it sinks into your skin it really does deliver for thirsty complexions. Paired with the Trystal Minerals* that holiday glow will stick around all year. Not only is this brush on colour, the Trystal technology leaves long lasting self tan results for a natural bronzed finish that lasts all week. Who knew a bronzer could do so much?!

For the first pieces I’ve tried from Vita Liberata I’m impressed. Anything that gives you that colour in a safe environment without leaving you tangoed gets two thumbs up from me! Have you tried these pieces from the brand before? How do you keep that holiday glow?

*pr sample