Holiday Packing: Makeup

makeup packing

Ladies and gents, boys and girls IT’S HOLIDAY TIME! Okay, not quite yet, keep your trousers on but it is happening. Tomorrow! This past week my body has officially given up on me, from sore throats to wisdom tooth pain and simple exhaustion, it is defo time for a holiday. To honour this trip away and put together a video I promised back during my last excursion here is the makeup I’ve packed for a week away in the sunshine.

Initially I had planned this as a traditional sit down talk style video but thanks to a lack of voice and fever face I thought this would be the safer option ;) I’ve tried to pair down how much makeup I’ve packed, it’s going to be a more poolside holiday compared to lots of days out so I was conscious of overpacking makeup I simply wouldn’t end up using. Here you get a glimpse into my thought process, how I pick what products I want to take away and ultimately how I get them all packed away in my makeup bag. Hope you enjoy the video :)