Quick Fire Beauty: NARS Concealer vs Urban Decay Concealer

concealer battle

Remember that Quick Fire Beauty series I started over on my channel a couple of weeks ago? It’s time for another instalment! This time I’m talking concealers, pitting two market favourites together to decide the ultimate prize – which one is best! Concealer is one of those staple items in a makeup kit, hiding any imperfections or blemishes you wanna make sure when you splurge on a luxury one, it’s gonna be good. Recently two concealers have hit the beauty industry and quickly gained HG status, but which one takes the ultimate crown?

My overall conclusion is a surprise as it’s not something I would have said three months ago, but so I don’t spoil who came out top click play below to find out…

  • I just finished my NARS and was thinking about trying UD instead! This video is so useful for me! Thanks


  • I’m so curious about this as the NARS one is too drying for me as well. Need to pick this up asap! Really helpful video, thank you. :)


  • Rochelle Naylor-Iyayi

    i was looking into the cars concealer, i think ill definitely purchase


  • I will have to try the UD one. But…what I loved the most about this video is your lovely hair, It looks great curled up like that!

  • I loved this! I have never tried the Nars concealer and only just got the Naked Skin concealer available in my shade again. I have been loving it so far and the staying power is great!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  • expatmuaddict

    I am Team UD on this one having tried both!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

    • They really do win it with this concealer! OMGEE Kat Von D?! I am SO excited thanks for the heads up lovely xx

  • I am definitely pro-Urban Decay on this one. It just lasts so much longer and doesn’t settle into creases as much as the NARS!

    Emma // http://thebeautyingenue.blogspot.com

  • Loved this! I like UD but I don’t love it for some reason, does anyone else feel it gets a little powdery when it drys? I think maybe I just put too much on haha!

    • I haven’t found that – but then I don’t use it under my eyes just on any imperfections or redness :) xx

  • I love them both for different reasons and the NARS one is definitely worth the splurge but it’s not essential in a makeup collection.

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • I have tried the NARS one so i would have to go with the UD one as i havent used that one yet


  • Thank you so much for doing this comparison! I’ve been holding off buying either because I just wasn’t sure. I have drier skin so the UD one would probably work best. Great video!!

  • Heather Brush

    So what do you use for undereye? I’ve been a Nars addict, and have been using it for my undereyes, but if there is a better recommendation I am all ears!