New In Beauty #2

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Ah new beauty bits! That glorious time when brands knock their heads together and launch a new fix or wonder product to make our lives easier or aid in perfecting our makeup. Sometimes the new products can be hit and miss but other times they hit the nail on the head and give us a new HG beauty find that we question how we ever once lived without.

Today I’ve got a few of the latest releases to share – some are raves however some are passes. Alas, you can’t win them all! Let’s start with a rave, the Origins Original Skin Mask*. It’s no secret that I adore Origins masks, they some of the best around whether it’s for hydration, radiance or blemish removal. Each one is uterrly fantastic and I may have to hold my hands up and admit to owning them all! The newbie comes as part of their Original Skin line and is marketed as a retexturizing rose clay mask. It acts like a clay mask but contains exfoliating Jojoba beads to keep skin looking revitalised. All in all it is gorgeous and a fab mask to add into your weekly routine.

Where things get a bit iffy is the with the next two items. The Neom Daily De-Stress Face, Body & Hair Oil* and the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick from the Kate Nude Collection. Before I become all negative ninny I don’t despise these two items, I just have a few gripes. You see the Neom Oil smells gorgeous, comes presented in a sleek bottle but doesn’t contain a pump or dispenser. This not only makes application tricky, you end up wasting product. Not cool! Then with the Nude Kate Moss Lipstick I put my distaste down to an unfortunate shade selection. In my haste of wanting to pickup a lippy I nabbed a shade that verges on the too pale side of the spectrum. Shame as formula wise these are lovely.

Then you have a pretty epic new styling ranging coming from powerhouse Batiste. Comprising of a Frizz Tamer*, Hairspray*, Texturizing Spray*, Heat & Shine Spray* and XXL Volume Spray* you now have all your hair care troubles catered for at a budget friendly price. I’m yet to put the entire range through rigorous testing however already I’ve seen promising things from the Texturizing Spray and XXL Volume Spray. Styling has never been so easy!

*pr sample