Jumping on Board with Fig

white company fig candle

Fig. That blogger fragrance that seems to be a scent everybody loves. Starting with Diptyque’s Figuier, you hear person after person declare their love for this fig scented candle claiming it’s the best thing their nose has been graced with. Next the obsession moved onto fig based perfumes, fig based room scents, the lot! On the opposite side of the spectrum there is me, I just don’t get it! I’ve tried and attempted to train my nose so it will enjoy the scent of fig but alas it just doesn’t happen. That was until Fresh Fig* landed from the White Company.

Now I can get on board with fig! Although warm, this rich scent imparts a gorgeous life to the space around it, lifting it through a grey or gloomy day. Yes fig is very much the dominate scent however you also get hints of citrus and sweet lilac meaning you don’t need to hide this away until Christmas. Not a fan of fig? The White Company have an abundance of different candles and fragrances on offer ranging from wild mint to pomegranate and even white lavender. With their chic packaging and delectable selection it’s hard not to go a little candle crazy when you step inside a White Company store.

*pr sample