Speed Moisturising

speed moisturising

When those early mornings become a struggle and you need to utalise every last second, spray moisturisers will quickly grow to be your new best friend. Not entirely a new concept, you may remember seeing these green/brown/yellow cans last year from Vaseline, however finally more brands have cottoned on to this time saving tool that helps keep your skin soft and supple without requiring an early alarm call.

New onto the scene, meet the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Coconut Rapid Moisture Body Spray Lotion and the Original Source Skin Quench Moisturising Oil Spray Watermelon & Jojoba. Both promising super speedy application of product that absorbs into the skin within seconds without leaving you feeling greasy or tacky. Spray, rub, dress. Job done! Yes I’ve been known to accidentally spritz my laptop and room throughout said application process however this is more due to my bleary eyes as opposed to the nozzle ;)

Having always been a fan of the deliciously scented Palmer’s Cocoa Butter I knew I had to give this can version a whirl. Slightly smelling like alcoholic coconuts which FYI I’m totally onboard with this applies a thin mist of hydration that sinks into the skin in before you’ve had a chance to work out what to wear that day. Want something a tad more luxurious? Then give the Original Source Oil Spray a whirl, oh yes, oil spray! For this you need a bit more time on your hands to let it sink in unless you want your jeans to slide right off. If you suffer with dry skin or just fancy a more indulgent morning then this is the one for you!

Have you tried speedy moisturisers before? Which are your favourites?