Makeup I packed…but didn’t use

makeup packing

I promised a video of ‘what makeup I packed’ after I hit the sunshine in California, however that time has passed and honestly I’m not ready to admit how un-streamlined my packing process is when it comes to makeup. Everything else I’ve got down, with a bag full of minis in check only the essentials get packed however when it comes to cosmetics, I turn into a FOMO indecisive human who wants to take it all. Instead of showing your my bulging bag lol here is a breakdown of those items that I really didn’t need to pack, especially once I had hit Sephora.

Lipsticks. Yes I bought too many but I also packed too many. Anticipating that I would be rocking a different bold lippy each day of the week I went slightly overboard with the options I packed away. Both my Maybeline Color Drama Lipstick in Berry Much and Light It Up were thrown in last minute and although I adore each shade, not once did the cap come off for me to apply their buttery bold offerings.

Although I am a big fan of the Charlotte Tilbury Fimstar Bronze & Glow, I honestly used this once. It may have something to do with the fact I also had my Soap & Glory’s Solar Powder with me or the fact the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette entered my life on the second day. Considering at home I’m all about the contour and bronzing, on holiday I just lived with the glow from the sunshine. Besides, with cocktails calling who has time to sculpt the backwards three across their face!?

Planning some bold eye looks? Don’t as chances as they won’t happen. In anticipation of all the blending and colour mixing I would be doing in the evenings I packed the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Not once did this primer come out of my travel bag, instead I went for cream bases or a neutral lid to keep my eyes fuss free. That also meant the Charlotte Tilbury Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette in Dolce Vita was used a whopping twice and only once did I go in for a winged liner look with my Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen.

Although on nights out back in London I gravitate towards these more fancy offerings, out on holiday the evening looks are minimal. It’s all about fuss free makeup that takes no time to apply so you can get outside and enjoy the sites around you.

  • That CT palette is gorgeous!! I’ve always wanted to try the Bronze & Glow too :)

    Jenna // Beauty And The Style

  • Bella

    Oh no you KNOW we beauty hungry junkies would LOVE to look inside your overstuffed makeup bag, and even though your holiday is over ours is still to start, so pleeeeaze still dish that one at some stage ok? LOL!
    I agree with you about powder eyeshadows palettes, they never get a look in on a summer holiday. I find that I occasionally do use pretty singles like Nars Himalia and Burberry Nude Glow, with which you can make one-swipe looks that appear complex. Furthermore it’s all about cream or crayon eyeshadows.
    I always use Nars Pro Prime. With hooded eyes, even cream shadows crease on me without primer.
    Contouring, I agree: holidays are too short.
    One indispensable for me on holiday is the portable powder; sun really brings out my natural…er…glow…..

    • Ahaha it is shameful! I used NARS Himalia quite a lot and often opt for creams or shadow sticks as well xx

  • Yeah, this always happens to me too. And I already pack fairly light!

  • Kaiesha Ceryn Page

    I love this post! What a great idea. I am soooo guilty of doing this. I take lots of lip colours because I NEED them and never wear half!


  • I always pack too much when it comes to makeup, especially lipsticks!

  • Dani

    I’m so guilty of this. I alway take a TON of makeup with me, but half the time when I’m traveling or even when I’m home visiting my parents, I end up just doing eyeliner & mascara! No one wants to wait for me to spend an hour on my makeup! These days I try to convince myself to just take ONE good versatile eyeshadow palette, like my Lorac Pro, and be done with it. I also try to only take my most used face products – like the one blush I reach for daily, rather than 6 blushes of varying shades “just in case”. Rarely am I like “omg, I wish I had ______”, so I think it’s working out – but it takes so much self control!

    • Exactly! I plan what makeup will get used but alas when it comes to it I just want to get outside and enjoy the country I’m in! One of the day I will be able to pack makeup better!xx

  • Oooh I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Kat Von D palette.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Lauren

    That CT eyeshadow palette is gorgeous!

  • I packed way to many lipsticks when I went to Dubai, I’m hoping to have more restraint when I head to Ibiza in 2 weeks!

    Victoria x

  • Abbie Rose

    Whenever I go to buy ‘Berry Much’, it’s always sold out!! It’s such a nice colour!

  • This is an amusing post. Yep, we’ve all been guilty of packing clothes or cosmetics that have come back home untouched. The thing is, once you are enjoying your holidays, chances are that you will not want to spend 30 minutes doing your make up, so most of the products you would use at home you won’t use them while away

    • Totally – I always find it so hard to remind myself of that and assume I will be using more but it just never happens. Makeup isn’t the holiday priority!xx

  • I am so similar! Take too many lipsticks and on occasions buy some whilst away. I also predict that I’m going to create amazing blended out eye looks and end up just wearing mascara….. oh to be addicted to beauty ha xoxo

  • Dacota

    My little trick is to put cotton pad in the compact powder, after you close it, it prevents it from cracking during your move! I am moving in two months I have decided that I will ship everything with the relocation company and then just buy the essentials in travel sizes for my travelling! :)

    • That’s such a good idea!! I’ve never thought of doing that but I’ve always been worried of things breaking when I travel xx