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favourite essie polishes
favourite essie polishes

It’s no shock that I’m a fan of Essie, you go could as far in fact as branding me with the badge of number one fan girl thanks to the fact I’ve been singing their praises since I started blogging. That’s right from their wide brush offerings in the diffusion range through to their fab colour offerings and limited edition shades, I am a loyal and dedicated fan. I’ve been wearing Essie polishes for many years, back in the day I would haul them up from the likes of Duane Reed and CVS in the States and since they broke into Boots and Superdrug, it only cemented my long standing love for them.

But where do you start? With so many colour to choose from it can be a daunting place. Now people have moved past Mint Candy Apple what is the favourite? Which polishes must any nail lover ensure that they have as part of their collection? Today I’m helping to answer those all important mani questions with a run down of my top picks. Get ready for an Essie top 5! Kicking things off with the pinky:

Wicked – the sultry sister of the bunch, when winter rolls into town this is the first polish I will pop onto my nails. Deep wine goodness is what you get from this colour and paired with a glitter on top you will be ready for any festive party.

Parka Perfect – I call this my chic Essie polish. That shade that instantly smartens up a manicure and works perfectly with a squared off nail. I would call this a grey blue colour, darker then a pastel yet a fab transitional shade to wear all season round.

Bikini So Teeny – not only is the name enough to draw you in, the colour is fab too. A bright blue comprising of a subtle hint of shimmer which catches the sunlight, this is that polish you grab when the sun is shining as it will always remind you of the summertime.

Lilacism – an old standing favourite I’ve been singing the praises of this pastel purple for a fair few years. Opaque in one coat it’s one of those candy pastel colours that works great on your toes whilst you are splashing around in the sea on holiday.

Wheres My Chauffeur – all hail the new Mint Candy Apple. Oh yes my new favourite green comes from this more recent launch that gives a more sophisticated take on that traditional pastel minty green. Needing two shades to get an opaque finish the extra time is well worth it when you see this bright pastel green shining back at you.

Which is your favourite Essie polish? Are you also a fan of the brand like me?