Flight Beauty Essentials

flight essentials

It’s Friday aka new video time! I’m rather enjoying this new feature popping up each week, not only can we celebrate the fact that the weekend is almost upon us, you get a chance to see my mug pop up attempt to string a logical sentence together! It’s not always successful mind you however it is a lot of fun :)

This weeks drop takes you through my beauty essentials for a long haul flight. Tomorrow I will be sitting my behind down on a plane seat for around 11 hours. Not only does that make for a numb bum, it also means my sensitive skin is thrusted into an air con environment for longer than it would like. To ensure I don’t touch down in a different country with a face full of dry skin and spots, I like to indulge in a few beauty routines whilst on the plane.

Sit back, relax, press play and let me take you through what beauty bits keep my skin in check during a flight. Not only that, I also show a rather fancy looking bag from Anya Hindmarch that gives me a safe yet luxurious place to stash it all ;) Enjoy!

  • Bella

    Loved this video!! Where are you off to? I’m wondering where the land of sunshine and pancakes is….LOLOL! Have a great holiday!

  • Great video! Similar to my own in flight essentials!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • Great video! I have taken a few ideas from it ;)

  • Origins seriously does some great moisturizers, need to try that tinted one! Love your eyeshadow too, gorgeous.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Great positive video, love it! I also love all of Anya Hindmarch’s designs, I may have to purchase one of these.


  • Hahaha, yeah, I know the feeling of getting weird looks from people for my on-the-go skincare habits ;-) But you’re right: we’ll have the last laugh in the end! I also always take a mini tube of toothpaste with me. I hate the feeling of having not-so-fresh breath. And I always save perfume samples for trips, so practical. Never tried a roller though.

    • They can look but we will have better skin once we walk off that plane! I should wear a top that says ‘no to dehydrated skin’ haha!xx