Upsizing Trilogy

upsizing trilogy

Following on from yesterdays post, where I did a shout out to all those skincare saviours that got me through a recent bout of dry skin, it felt only right that I dedicated a post to the moisturiser that was key to banishing the dryness whilst being the only one I’ve used up and repurchased recently. Ever since my La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat days (anyone remember that?!) where I went through bottles of the stuff thanks to my determination to have matte skin, I’ve dabbled in thick creams, hydrating gels and everything in-between but never been impressed enough to make that illusive repurchase. This continued over the past few years before I came across (and settled) on my new love – the Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream.

Initially tried as part of the Rosapene Skincare Sensations Collection*, this tiny pot has been instrumental in improving my skin. Not only does it rehydrate those darn dry patches, it also provides a fab base for my makeup ensuring my skin is prepped and ready for the day ahead! Inside this pot you will find a blend of 12 active botanicals (oer) that deeply hydrate and protect the skin. Including rosehip what the brand is best known for evening primrose and orange flower, the consistency remains lightweight whilst being fast absorbing on the skin.

So far I have already been through a 25ml tub and now the big mamma 60ml is sitting pride of place on my dresser. I’ve kept the mini because it’s cute and also due to it being the perfect size for travelling (as so much of that happens round here). Also available in a 50ml tube there really is a size/pot for everybody to help turn your skin into a happy and radiant place. Yes I’ve managed to bang on about a single moisturiser for over 250 words but it’s just that darn good I had to sing it’s praises one more time. Heck, at least I’m not going on about that Oskia cleansing gel and mask again ;)

*pr sample

  • I am going to have to try this to combat my dryness I am experiencing in the season shift!

  • Its nice to hear about something I’ve never heard of. Triolgy isn’t a brand I come across much however this sounds like a gooden to try out. xo