Makeup Memory Lane

makeup memory lane

As much as I love treating myself to a new blush or delving into the latest launches from my favourite brands, I also find myself on the odd occasion rifling through my ‘old’ makeup stash reminding myself of those old gems I used to reach for on a daily occasion. Following Anna’s video ‘A Walk Down Memory Lane’ I dug out my old favourites ready to rediscover those old loves whilst chuckling at my makeup pics. NARS Turkish Delight anyone? Remember how Eyeko used to be?!

First makeup item ever purchased?

Starting off with a tough question (as it involves me tapping into my useless memory) it’s hard to know when my first purchase was made as when I was younger I always dabbled in glitter sprays, cheepy shadows and for some reason there was always a clear mascara to hand. Reasons for these questionable purchases are unbeknown to me but it makes remembering my first beauty purchase pretty hard, that being said I’m pretty sure it was something from Superdrug probs Collection 2000! that was more than likely in a baby blue or pink shade!

First MAC item? 

My first MAC item was their infamous MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation which I went through about 3 or 4 bottles of (no joke). I used to think this was the only decent foundation on the market and was all I would use to cover up every inch of my face. I haven’t used it for years (even though I still hold onto a bottle) as it’s thick formula is something I have definitely moved on from. That being said you’ve gotta keep a bottle around just for nostalgia right? ;)

First MAC/other brand collection?

First collection item I believe I got was a Helly Kitty eyeshaodw quad from MAC that contained a green and pink shadow, I know, so wearable ;) I think I still have this lying around somewhere in all it’s brightly coloured glory but back in the day I would honestly pair the shadows together for an everyday look. Man I had a lot of colour balls back then!

First high end make up splurge?

Back when I was getting into high end makeup I gravitated towards Benefit and Origins (always been a fan!) Their Benefit Bad Gal Lash was my one true mascara love and I remember picking that up with a Bad Gal Liner and one of their loose shimmer pigments aka the one you see in the picture above! They were still a pricey brand back then but it was my gateway into the high end makeup world.

First makeover experience?

I remember this as it was at the Origins counter in Kingston, I loved it so much I booked one for my friend for her birthday! I remember thinking that the entire makeup range (which was quite limited) was the best thing I’d ever discovered and became hooked on their power right until the day they discontinued it.

First makeup brush?

The traditional paint brush style foundation brush! Oh yes the infamous 190 that you can still buy today and use to paint foundation onto you face. This teamed with the Studio Fix Fluid and I thought I was in makeup heaven.

First eyeshadow? 

Aside from the drugstore gems that I would treasure like they were pieces of gold I picked up a emerald green shadow from Clinique that honestly became my everyday staple lid colour. I have no idea how I ever thought these shades and combinations looked good on me but if I wasn’t rocking that it was probs the electric pale blue Bourjois Shimmer Dust pictured above. #Shame

First skincare “investment”? 

When I first started getting into makeup my Mum took me straight to Dermalogica for a skin mapping session. She said ‘if you want to wear makeup you have to make sure you look after your skin and take it off at night’. I remained loyal to the Dermalogica skincare ways for a large portion of my teenage years to ensure I cared for my skin after slapping a bucket load of makeup onto it.

First nail polish owned?

I was never a massive nail polish fan but I was always obsessed with Essie. Whenever I visited the States it was all I wanted to buy, sometimes returning with 6 from a single trip. Back then it was all about Cute as a Button and Ballet Slippers. Anyone for Sand Tropez or were you more of a Chinchilly fan?

First fake tan attempt? 

I didn’t get into fake tan until my second year at University, that’s right an entire 12 months went by in a blur of pale nights out and non-shimmer skin. The first fake tan I ever used, brace yourselves, was from Benefit and called Jiffy Tan. I kid you not! It made me feel super glam whilst imparting a ‘natural’ light glow that washed away in the shower. Marketed as a tinted body lotion it gave instant colour that gave it’s rival Rimmel Sun Shimmer a run for its money.

What are your makeup memory lane products? Anyone remember the old school packaging of the Maybelline Lipstick pictured above? Anyone for the Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter?!

  • What a lovely post idea! I don’t think I would be able to find any of my ‘firsts’!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • I loved this post. I have so many make up mishaps, it’s embarrassing. I tried the MAC Studio Fix Fluid out a long time ago, but never liked it, even back then x

  • I think my first MAC item was their lipstick in Creme Cup, it was all over Youtube so I had to get it :))

  • I loved reading this post! So funny what some of us can do makeup wise as a young teen lol.

  • I loved reading this post, reminds me of my teen years. I remember the first make up item I bought was some glittery rollerball from the Boots Glitter Babes collection, don’t know why because I hated glitter and still hate it now!

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  • This was a fun time reading this post. I remember I was too fond of my mother’s lippies and tried those the very first time when I had absolutely no knowledge of makeup. I simply grabbed a lipstick and dotted all over lips pressing in between portraying myself to a professional artist.

  • What a fun Q&A :-) I can’t even remember most of my make-up firsts.

    • A few of them I’ve still got (oh the shame) but I remember it involving a lot of pink and blue and a lot of glitter!xx

  • Kerm

    I loved this post, brought back my own questionable make-up/skincare buys so thanks for that ;) I think the first make-up I ever owned was a gold glitter eyeliner which I used all over my lid! *cringe*

  • Leanne Webber

    This was so fun to read!

    Benefit was also my gateway to the high end beauty world and I remember purchasing their You Rebel tinted moisturiser in the darker of the 2 shades and to this day I have never worn it as it’s probably the most orange thing I have ever seen.

    Oh and of course I had my fair share of flat foundation brushes ;)

    Great post!

    Leanne xx


    • So glad you enjoyed it! Ah You Rebel that is memories! Couldn’t go wrong with a flat foundation brush back in the day ;) xx

  • The first MAC Eyeshadow I bought was Moon’s Refection which was a bright shimmery blue! It was an interesting buy…

    Kate xo //

    • It seemed to be all about the blues and pinks back in the day – why on earth were they so popular?!xx

  • Ahh great post! My first makeup item was definitely clear Maybelline mascara for my lashes – which did just about nothing haha, but I was so happy to apply it :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty