Natural Waves with Babyliss

babyliss diamond waves
babyliss diamond waves
babyliss diamond waves
babyliss diamond waves
babyliss diamond waves
babyliss diamond waves

Since getting my hair coloured I’ve been hooked on the world of curls. Whether they are soft, natural waves, more tightly spun ringlets or even just a bit of movement to break up the norm, I’ve officially strayed from the straight and narrow. Something about my darker roots and lighter tips means they suit a more bouncy style. Although my hair is poker straight, and is forever determined to be this way, I’ve found that adding in the curls at the end of the day with first day hair means I awaken the second morning with the perfect soft wave. I stick to the Anna Trick of keeping the ends of my hair straight to give a more relaxed look.

Alongside perfecting when I style my hair I’ve also been trialling a number of tools to achieve those sultry Victoria Secret curls. Traditionally I reach immediately for my straighters, clamping in the hair and twisting the device to create movement and a looser wave, however recently I’ve been testing a more interesting device that promises to give that illusive curl. It’s time to talk about the Babyliss Diamond Waves Wand*. A ceramic device this is built up of twists and turns to heat up your hair whilst styling it into a variety of curls and directions. No too look the same with this device but that’s why I love it.

The infused ceramic barrel keeps your hair salon smooth whilst the variety of heat settings ensures even corse hair can be styled. Don’t forget to use the glove otherwise say goodbye to your fingers! As with most Babyliss products I do wish the cable was longer, but considering how smooth the barrel is I can get over that one minor defect ;) I popped these curls in midday expecting them to fall out within an hour but throughout the day and well into the evening they held strong for all to see. For the complete Diamond Range and tips and tricks on how to use each device head over to the Babyliss site.

*pr sample

  • each time i curl my hair, they get damaged so badly…i put in the heat protecting serum and all…but it just doesn’t work….so now i can’t curl my hair anymore

    • Oh no that’s such a shame – maybe give you hair a rest and when its a bit stronger try some loose waves :) xx

  • Such cute curls – I love it!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • I’m constantly on the look out for a good curling wand- I need it!!!

    Nathalie at- Nathalie

  • This looks great! Not sure if it would stand well at doing my nearly hip length hair but when I get it chopped off to a bob end of this year I will certainly consider this . Your hair looks fabulous!!! xoxo

    • I’ve seen Victoria from In the Frow use a similar device on her super long hair and her curls are divine (it’s what made me want to try this out!) xx

  • Very nice, I love curling wands without a clip, I find them so much easier to use!

  • Ahh I have never seen a wand like this before! Your hair looks amazing!
    Jennie Emma

  • I need this wand in my life! I love wavy curly hair so much. You look amazing x

  • Inna Solonenko

    I wanna try it!