Body Shop Skincare

body shop skincare

The other week something incredible happened in the world of the Internet – nope it wasn’t Kim K’s bum or another viral video, instead it was an epic sale over on The Body Shop‘s website. Everything was heavily discounted, I’m talking up to 40%, and I may have gone a little spend happy. After eyeing up the popular Vitamin E range and feeling the need to drop some pennies I placed an order and eagerly awaited its arrival.

Comprising of a moisturiser and two serums (don’t ask me how I justified that before clicking pay!) I revived my skincare collection whilst boosting my stash of hydration hitters to help me through this bout of dry skin. The whole haul started because of the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. Hearing good things about its plumping and moisturising properties I added this straight into the cart. Cooling to the touch this has a slightly gritty texture that is off-putting however it does remain light on the skin whilst giving it that extra oomph of hydration.

Why I then proceeded to add two serums into the bag is anyones guess! One again from the same Vitamin E range to aid again with my dry complexion and the second promising to turn around my dull skin and give it a new lease of radiant light. Both serums have captured this beauty addict, non sticky formulas that do exactly what they say on the tin without breaking the purse strings. I can see the Vitamin E Moisture Serum becoming a flight essential and I wish I had discovered the Vitamin C Skin Reviver sooner as it light-refelective particles would have been perfect during those gloomy Winter days.

Have you tried out any of these Body Shop skincare items before? I warn you – if you head over to their site today you might just spot another great sale in action!

  • Great picks! I love it when The Body Shop have their sales, everything is just so affordable and you can get so much for your money. I love the vitamin e range and find myself using the eye cream and moisturiser everyday.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin’

    • It really is! Already it’s a great price and then with the sale on top I just can’t stop spending money!!xx

  • I love the Vitamin E range but never tried the Vitamin C range, the skin reviver sounds lovely xx

    Amanda –

  • I haven’t tried any skincare products from The Body Shop except of their face cleansers which I really like. I also love their body collection so I might need to venture a little bit. I’ve heard great things about their sleeping mask so I might try that first.

  • If you like these 2 products you should try their sea weed serum and line. It’s very moisturizing and love the smell. Their vitamin E face cream is my favourite, but I will have to check out this serum. What a great post thanks !

  • I’ve heard amazing things about the vitamin E serum. My favorite products from TBS are the body butters (of course) and the products from the aloe vera line.

  • I’ve tried a fair few bits from their skincare range but not these two – definitely need to place an order! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  • I absolutely love the Body Shop’s skincare products, especially the Tea Tree line. I really want to look about trying the Vitamin E line next. I had no idea that they had a serum for it!

    Emily | EMBUR.

    • It’s fab and I love it as it’s one of the only serums I’ve tried that doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky!xx

  • Gillian Pidler

    I’m a recent convert back to The Body Shop, I hadn’t been in there since my teens, I’m now 46. But I’d seen some great reviews on their camomille cleansing butter/balm so went in for that. Well of course they had a 3 for 2 sale on so I grabbed the balm, another cleanser, the nutriganics gel one and also decided to try the Vit E serum in oil. I am now totally addicted to the cleansing butter and went and bought 2 more yesterday and the serum in oil is divine. Really hydrating for night time under my night cream. I have my eyes on a few other bits too so I think they’ll be seeing more of me in the future.

    • I’m the same – feel like I’m having a Body Shop revival! Loving their skincare at the moment :) xx

  • Kerm

    The only thing I’ve tried in Body Shop’s skin care range was their Camomile cleansing butter, which I loved! I have been eyeing to their Vitamin E serum though :)