Discovering Kiko

discovering kiko
discovering kiko
discovering kiko

When it comes to budget beauties everyone knows about the all stars aka pretty much every brand you can find in Boots and Superdrug but what about those other more niche companies that offer penny saving beauty options however don’t get as much mention? Case in point, Kiko.  Thanks to their store sitting pride of place in both Westfields and Regent Street, understandably people are becoming more familiar with this Italian brand. Once you take a look at the products for yourselves it’s no surprise why!

The other weekend I happened to find myself meandering down Regent Street with a spare five minutes to hand. Kiko was standing pride of place in front of my eye line so I made a quick dash in and didn’t leave empty handed. If you haven’t been to a store before, prepare for a lotta makeup. From shadows to lips to skincare and even brushes, everything is housed under one roof and everything has an incredible price tag.

Catching my eye were the Long Lasting Wet and Dry Use Eyeshadows. With their rippled effect in the pan and 50% off price hello £4.40 don’t mind if I do I fell in love with pretty much all the shades but restricted myself to one. 228 Taupe was the winner and it’ shimmery finish gives a cooler toned option to your average nude. With grey undertones this looks gorgeous when paired with a pinky All That Glitters type of base and I’ve been smoking it out throughout my crease and under my bottom lash line. Highly pigmented, blendable and super soft to apply – would it be wrong if I picked up every colour in the line?

As I was perusing on the day St Valentine declared ‘let there be love’ I snapped up a red lip liner ready for my Saturday night on the town. With three different lip pencil formulas to choose from I kid you not I went for the Smart Lip Pencil in 706 Classic Red. For only £2.50 I didn’t have to think twice before adding it to the basket and skipping over to the checkout. Considering the super cheap price tag this holds a lovely creamy formula that glides onto the lips without dragging at the skin. Kiko you’ve got my attention and boy am I hooked on your deliriously good beauty selection ;)

  • I always hear amazing things about KIKO. I keep meaning to call into their Leeds store to try a few things out. Everything is such a bargain! I love the shade of the lip pencil.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  • I’m familiar with Kiko for a few years now! I love their makeup you can hear me rave about every and anything all the time and when someone asks for recommendations y’know what I say! You’ve got lovely products here I also have one of those lip pencils and really like it :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  • This eyeshadow is such a pretty shade! We recently got a Kiko store in town and I had no idea what to buy, definitely need to pick this up :)

    alice x | beautybyalicee

  • Love the eyeshadow color, I wish there was Kiko in Canada.

  • That eyeshadow is stunning, definitely up my street. I will have to take a looksee when I visit London next month ;)
    xxx Claire

  • Love Kiko! They started opening stores in the US so we have one here in Miami. The makeup is so affordable and so good, I’m happy we can finally get Kiko here :)

  • I love that lip liner formula, tried it only recently and it’s great! Kiko is amazing, isn’t it? Not every single item is worth it but it’s the only budget brand I can say I truly love :) (if you need some enabling about their foundations you can have a look at my last post about them, totally self promoting myself but it’s topic related, lol!) :) xx
    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    • It really is! Some are hit and miss like you say but their colours and shade selections are spot on xx

  • I wish Kiko was available in the US (or at least I am not aware of it). I love how affordable the line is and the quality seems to be amazing! That eyshadow is beautiful!

    • Apparently it is! A comment below said it’s available in Miami so fingers crossed more store pop up soon :) xx

  • These are lovely and those swatches are amazing. This seems like an excellent brand.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin’ |

  • That KIKO shadow looks gorgeousss!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Allie Cleve

    I love the kiko eyeshadow sticks, they’re so great! There’s a kiko store ten minutes away from my parent’s house and I can seriously spend hours in there… that eyeshadow looks incredible, I thought it was my NARS at first when I saw the picture! Will have to get my hands on one of those…

    • Now that is an enabling store haha! To be fair this has the same pigmentation of a NARS shadow but costs so much less!xx

  • jadepoppy

    Wowza! That red looks insanely gorgeous, and the shadow oh so pigmented! Love Kiko. I agree with you, I’m so happy people are discovering it xo

  • I love KIKO too! :) they’re a rare brand who’ve never disappointed me once which is saying something as I have to order online for them! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  • alicekatex

    I recently visited Kiko and it was much cheaper than expected! The quality of products was great too! I love their nail remover thing – a great alternative to the Bourjois one! xx

    alicekatex ♥

  • Kathryn

    I’m hoping Kiko will launch in Boots or Superdrug, stand alone stores are only useful to those who live in London.

    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

    • I think you can order online as well and they have stores across the UK with some now in the US!xx

  • Samileen

    That eyeshadow looks stunning.. Have been meaning to try this brand of cosmetics for a long time now.. Next time I see a Kiko store I’m sure striding in…

    • Keep an eye on your wallet when you are in there ;) It’s very easy to spend money!xx

      • Samileen

        Haha, I should take that seriously, I’m way too splurgy when it comes to buying make-up *guilty*.

  • AuntyMiff

    Oo these both look gorgeous! Shame there are no Kiko stores around me!

    Charlotte – x