Blogging Tips: The Tools

blogging tools
blogging tools

Blogging tools. Is there such a thing and do you really need to pickup endless gadgets, gizmos and tech items to run a blog? Although it can be easy to look on with envy at what others have, it’s honestly all about the person behind the camera (and site) as opposite to the kit itself. The majority of blogs started off with minimal ‘kit’ so never feel like you need the latest and greatest in order to take part.

When I started my blog all those five years ago I often used my iPhone to snap and upload product pics, nothing fancy going on there! Over the years I progressed to a compact digi and then to the big Canon 600D beast. To ensure I made the most of this pricey addition I embarked on a photograph course at a local adults collage to make sure I didn’t spend my future living in the world of auto ;) Although big cameras look oh so fancy, again it’s how you use them that counts. Learning  about depth of field, aperture and ISOs are key in creating the perfect picture.

Kit lenses that come with the body of the camera are also nothing to be ashamed of. A great place to start and kickoff the learning process, I still use mine on a regular occasion. If you do want to venture out and pickup a new lens the two I can recommend are the Canon 50mm f/1.811 and the Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens. Neither of them hit into the big bucks compared to the super techy Sigma lenses however they do provide great variety of options when it comes to snapping those all important beauty goodies.

Wanting to take a FOTD? A tripod and remote will be your best friend. Again nothing fancy here, I just hopped on over to Amazon and picked up a Canon compatible remote and the first tripod within my budget. Whilst you are looking online don’t forget to pick up a decent memory card. Look for space and transfer speed to ensure you don’t spend your days copying over files, especially important if you ever decide to cross over into the world of YouTube.

In terms of software pretty much everything I use is online. WordPress for hosting my blog and writing/scheduling each post. Then there is Flickr where I upload photos to then embed into my blog posts. Adobe Bridge which is run off my MAC allows me to adjust tones, brightness and the exposure of my photos however iPhoto or a free photo editor works just as well!

Finally. The spreadsheet. That almighty document that I would literally be lost without. Tracking what photos have been taken, which products I need to use and whether I’ve schedule a Tweet to go live, this is my blogging backbone. I’ve created a stripped back version for you to download and give a whirl, add in the tabs that matter to you most and plan away! You will be amazed at how a simple spreadsheet can help you keep on track with the smallest of tasks. Big techy cameras may look impressive but for me my spreadsheet is where it’s at!

Download (XLS, 27KB)