Adding to the Essie Collection

essie polishes
essie polishes
essie polishes

Every now and then I find myself wondering past an Essie counter only to end up with two new polishes in my mitts. Call it a nail refresher shall we say ;) After being loyal to shellac for the past few months it makes a change to be painting my nails myself, the only downfall is that rummaging through my stash leaves me itching to pick up a couple of newbies to add to the mix. This is exactly what I did the other day with the shades Cocktail Bling and Maximillian Strasse. Both complete impulse purchases and the dangerous result of stepping into a Boots before work in the morning these are both great transition shades perfect for the anticipated switch up of Winter into Spring.

Cocktail Blinga muted take on a purple grey shade this has a hint of blue mixed around with those purple tones to give a dulled down version of a powerful lavender pastel polish

Maximillian Strasse again, a more muted pastel this green polish has a cool finish that looks chic on the nails with a soft hint of grey toned green

With Essie being my fav nail polish brand it’s hard for them to do wrong in my eyes. These are two gorgeous transition shades that are perfect for those moments of Spring in the current weather. A hint of pastel yet muted to dial back the impact, I can see these two being my polishes of choice for months to come.