H&M Home Haul

h&m home wear haul
h&m home wear haul

I have a new obsession – one that has resulted in me hop footing my way over to Oxford Street on two lunchtime occasions only to return to the office red faced carrying a rather large bag. The store is H&M and the section is Homeware. Rose gold delights, frosted glass ornaments, all within a purse friendly price tag. It’s hard not to fall head over heels for that place. Although finding a store is a tough feat there are only in a select handful of H&M’s across the UK if you manage to unearth one you will not regret a snoop around.

Recently I popped in for a bit of a refresh. New Year – New colour scheme (or something like that). Being able to browse without agenda resulted in one or two unnecessary purchases, that being said each item has already been snapped pride of place in a blog photo meaning thy are not only useful, they are also pretty ;) The most obvious item is the Wooden Tray that comes in blue and white for only £12.99. At the moment it holds all my trinkets and I love the clean yet striking design which looks great against my white draw unit.

You’ll also see a pattern where I buy items not for their intended use. H&M say Soap Dish but I like to say jewellery plate. Dusky pink geometric printed Tea Towel? Nope background for my photographs! The final additions before dashing out to the checkout were two Tea Light Holders. One in bronze and one in frosted green, these fill up a background whilst giving a bit of colour to the space. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, vamp up your pictures of simply add a few colourful touches to a space, H&M have a bountiful of options that will leave your shopping bags full and wallets empty.