Festive Shimmer for your Skin

faux glow

The lack of sunshine up above in the glorious sky leaves my pale skin resembling a transparent shade of translucent nothingness. Smexy aye ;) Thanks to the party season, my sudden need to wear every LBD in my wardrobe and a social calendar that gets me away from the sofa, my skin is in need for a faux glow to help hide that pale tendency. Luckily theres a bundle of beauty cheats that help to impart that bronzy warmth back into my skin with minimal effort and no harmful rays. Take that sunshine!

For a quick fix – if you are looking to speedily slap on a spot of colour that you don’t have to faff around with and wait to dry, pick up a bottle of the Caudalie Divine Perfect Legs. This is my winter staple as the smallest amount gives an oomph of colour to your skin to subside that white pale edge. Easy and quick to blend this looks flattering on the skin and washes away with water.

For the shimmer lovers – during that festive period you gotta embrace that shimmer and amp up the sparkles. Add a bit of colour to your skin whilst also donning a touch of sheen thanks to the Nourish Golden Glow Toning Body Shimmer*. This delivers the goods whilst keeping your skin supple and smooth throughout the evening.

For the faux tan aficionados – back in my Uni days fake tan was my BFF. On a weekly occurrence I would go to town scrubbing my skin ready for an expert application of long lasting tan so I could complete with the Bournemouth bronzed up gals. When it came to the traditional long lasting tans the only one I would use was Xen Tan Absolute Luxe. It gives colour, great coverage and fades evenly, a slightly biscuity scent lingers but the colour was hands down my fav.

For the complexion – once you’ve got your body covered it’s time to pay attention to your complexion. To ensure your neck matches up with your face I like to beef up the bronzing routine with a slightly darker and more shimmerlicious product aka the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow. Giving that holiday glow in a single swipe your skin will resonate that warmer colour and leave those white pale days behind.

*pr sample