The Perfume Discussion


Ah perfumes – those scented vials of water that no matter which way you slice it, always end up cost an arm and a leg. Although perfumes work best when you have a signature scent, I like to shake things up a little and dabble with a number of sweet smelling options, I know, I never play by the rules ;) My collection may contain enough bottles that I need to use my fingers and toes to count them all whoops yet depending on the season or occasion I always turn to the same specific fragrance. Predictably they could be classed in the same category, aka the grown up version of my once young and fruity teenager picks, however I find that the collection I have combines together to create that unique signature fragrance.

With the sun taking a bow my perfume wardrobe has unsurprisingly become a few notes deeper. Nothing akin to the Alien types (still to heavy for me) I am now leaning towards the more sophisticated scents that linger longer on the skin. Everyone’s favourite Stella by Stella McCartney is a classic and ticks all those boxes. Rose blended with sensuous amber gives a light floral scent to begin which then develops over time to slightly deeper fragrance. An everyday beauty I’m already onto my second bottle and carry around a rollerball in my handbag daily.

New onto the scene and in this delectable bow bottle is powerhouse Viktor & Rolfs latest offering. With Flowerbomb being my all time fav I knew as soon as my eyes came a cropper on this newbie I wouldn’t be able to resist. Bonbon contains notes of caramel that matures to a darker base note too adds depth and an air of mystery to the scent. Suitable for an everyday choice or saved for special occasions, you really can’t go wrong with these Viktor & Rolf wonders.

  • I LOVE perfumes! I agree with the signature scent, as I remember my ex liked when I wore Sui Love, he said it made him go crazy! Heheh! But at the same time, I like to change depending on my mood and the weather as well. I think my next purchase will be Guerlain La petite robe noire. I’ve yet to find V&R Bonbon to smell it though, I’m very curious and I like the bottle! :)

    • The Guerlain perfume is incredible! I wore that quite a lot last year and it’s a gorgeous richer version of an everyday floral :) xx

  • I love perfume too and I really wish it wasn’t so expensive. A few weeks ago I went to Chicago and I visited this little shop called Aroma Workshop where you create your own scent. It was a blast and I am in love with perfume I created.

    • I know right! They need to make it cheaper ;) That workshop sounds incredible! Need more places like that :) xx

  • I am in love with with the ribbon bottle, how girly and gorgeous is that! xx

    Reflection of Sanity

    • I know right! I want to leave it out on display but then I’m constantly panicked the sun will spoil the perfume!xx

  • Kerm

    The ribbon bottle is so cute. I agree, perfume tastes change according to the seasons. My signature scent since I was 15 has been DNKY Woman, so crisp, fruity and fresh. Though I find myself reaching for Benefit’s Laugh With Me LeeLee because there’s warmer notes in there. I really want to get my hands on Daisy Dream, Great post! x

    • It’s crazy how scents change over the years – I used to be a DKNY girl too and also worse CK One religiously!!xx

  • Veroniqc Nikolova

    delighful bottle