Textured Tresses

texture sprays

Although the sun is no longer shining *waves at the rain clouds* I am still adamant that my fine and naturally straight locks need to have some texture and movement bestowed upon them. Even if it’s just to help prevent the sheer volume of flyaways that naturally occur, freshly washed locks are forever in need of a spritz of texture. Over the years I’ve tried my fair share of offerings, some are too crisp, others didn’t provide enough oomph, I have become the Goldilocks of salt sprays. After countless trials and a handful of errors these are my group of winners that can be counted on to turn a bad hair day into something a lot more presentable.

The Budget – John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Spray*

For a mere £6.99, daily texture and movement to lifeless tresses can be achieved. Lightweight when applied, this plumps out the roots to give that desirable lift that hairdressers manage to achieve so effortlessly. Invisible to the touch the impact leans towards the natural side making this an everyday essential to prevent flat hair days.

The Cult- Sachajuan Ocean Mist & Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

As soon as the words salt spray or texture mist falls off the tip of your tongue, people will be quick to recommend this infamous duo. B&B is the classic salt spray that delivers surfer chick hair without the need to step into the sea. With more of a crisp finish, one application and you might as well be walking around with a surf board in toe. Sachajuan are the quirky haircare brand from Stockholm but boy do their know their products. For more hold to the hair this gives texture that withstands the wind and rain yet doesn’t leave your tresses left feeling like a helmet.

The New – Living Proof Instant Texture

For high-powered texture that gives volume and hold, this will be your new BFF. The strongest out of the bunch I recommend going light with the spritzes and pairing this with an oil to keep everything looking sleek and smooth. Weightless once applied, the heat seems to be the trick that ignites this product into it’s long lasting action. My new secret weapon to big and beautiful hair.

*pr sample