Do You Brunch?


Brunch has always been my favourite meal of the day and in the past few years it’s status within weekend life has taken a firm hold. It’s the new hip meal (oh yes, I said hip) as not only does it present a prime opportunity to catchup with friends and divulge all the gossip from the night before, it’s the perfect excuse to place an order for a stack full of pancakes. With brunch becoming so popular and places opening up dedicated to the meals cough The Breakfast Club it’s easy to see that it’s taken the Nation by hold. The only question is – do you Brunch?

Brunch in Balham

If you find yourself South of the river and in the mood of a more cosmopolitan brunch menu, head to Harrisons in Balham. With the ability to order a late breakfast or a handful of dishes from the lunch menu, you can satisfy whichever food desire you have. I opted for scrambled egg with chorizo and make have snuck in a side order of grilled halloumi and smashed avocado. It was delicious and with the addition of a couple of glasses of bucks fizz you can’t go wrong.

Brunch in Central London

If you are looking for pancakes and a Central London location, head straight for the Riding House Cafe. I got introduced to this little beauty by brunch connoisseur and blogger babe Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup. This girl not only knows her stuff when it comes to makeup, she knows her pancakes! This is a popular haunt so I recommend booking a table in advance, the vibe is laid back and chilled and if the food menu isn’t enough to take your fancy, their range of juices and smoothies will have you hooked. I ordered the Breakfast Smoothie which came in an old milk bottle and their Buttermilk Pancakes which were light, fluffy and truly scrumptious.

Brunch in Stratford

For a full English with a hint of suave, hot foot yourself over to Bumpkin in Westfields Stratford. Part of the outdoor courtyard this is the perfect spot if you need a bit of TLC after a heavy night. Their full English breakfast is one of the best I’ve had, yes the beans come in a fancy side pot and your butter is all wrapped up, but you get a decent amount of grub that fills you up and leaves you feeling a tad more human. Now just to find an excuse to go back ;)

Brunch in Vegas

I’m sorry I know – how cruel of me to include a restaurant that is all the way in the sandy desert playground of Las Vegas. I just couldn’t not mention this beautiful looking waffle now could I ;) If you do happen to find yourself in Sin City wondering where to go for brunch, look no further then Morels Steak House. Steak house by night come morning you can sit out on their gorgeous balcony that overlooks the strip and Treasure Island with Senior Frogs, just so you can feel like you were part of the Miss Congeniality set! With a brimming menu full of delectable options, I may still be having dreams about this waffle.

Brunch at Home

Some weekends you just want to snuggle at home, cuddle under a blanket and relax in front of Netflicks. On such occasions I turn to one of my fail safe and all time favourite breakfast options, a toasted sesame bagel with scrambled eggs topped with avocado. Quick and easy to make this is yummy and looks rather smart when presented on a plate. Not going to lie, a lot of weekends my bagel is accompanied with a tin of Heinz Hoops, yup I’m still a child, but needless to say it makes a winning breakfast option that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your on home.

  • Ooh I haven’t tried that place in Balham – I usually go to M1LK when I’m there. Also great South of the River is Ben’s Kitchen on Lavendar Hill, and The Ferm (or Breads ETC) which is on Clapham High St and also Brixton Village :)

    Josie XOXO

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  • This is a great post! I love brunch so much, a mix of breakfast sweet foods and options of having sandwiches- and no one looks down on you for eating to much because its basically two meals in one. Whats not to love.

  • Ugh, now I am hungry as hell, lol! :-)

  • You’re making me hungry! LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

  • Karii Zenteno

    I love this post! I’m a huge believer of brunch, there’s no other meal I enjoy more either alone or with company! X

  • India Benjamin

    I never really have brunch, I get way too hungry by breakfast time haha! I think I’d rather go for a mid afternoon pancake stack :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  • Esha Rajesh

    I honestly have never brunched!! But I would like to try it some day