Dirty Blonde

dirty blonde
dirty blonde
dirty blonde

Oh hai – my name is Siobhan and I am officially delving into the world of dirty blonde. Light brown, lowlights, multi-tonal, whatever you want to call it I am making my way over from the land of the bright white blondes into the more browny/blonde spectrum. Seeing old photos of my hair here on the blog set off alerts, I have been very blonde. I noticed that whenever I went to the hairdressers I would fear going back to brown therefore I sneakily ended up getting lighter after each visit. Enough is finally enough and whether it’s the change in the seasons, another year rolling onto the age dial or a longing for my brown roots, I am slowly moving away from the world of super blonde and I can now say I’m happily in the shade – dirty blonde.

Shock horror I went to my all time favourite salon for this recent switch up – Headmasters Soho is where it’s at and every time I leave there I feel like I’m staring in my very own hair advert whilst I walk back to the station ;) Ollie Blackaby is the hair god, king and master aka he got mad skillz yo! He just gets hair and can create the perfect style, his colour skills are on point and both of these are achieved in an effortless manner. He used the balayage effect to break up the colour throughout the lengths of my hair and add it more darker shades. Overall I am super happy with the final finish and can be rest assured I won’t be going back to platinum blonde anytime soon!

The colour sale is currently on in all Headmaster salons. Book your appointment now for a discounted colour from some of the best stylists I have met :)

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  • Beautiiboots

    I love it! It suits you well x

  • Marilou

    I love this dirty blonde shade on you! I get what you say about fearing going back to brown and going lighter. Once you go blonde, you can’t really go back can you? xx

    • Eeek I hope not! I will be going back to brown one day but I don’t know if I will ever go back to blonde again so enjoying it whilst I have it :) xx

  • Karii Zenteno

    looks lovely on you!

  • You look beautiful!
    I have been dyeing my hair blond for most of my life and now I am actually thinking of getting brown hair with blond highlights for the fall. But it’s such a hard choice and a big change that I don’t know what to do!

    • Eek that’s so exciting! If I have learnt anything from going blonde it’s go for it! It’s just hair and can be changed back :) xx