A Bundle of Newbies


It’s Friday, the weekend is almost dawning and the silver lining is that my out of office is being turned on as soon as the end of the day strikes. Hello excited! To keep this momentous day resonating over here on the blog I figured it was fitting to share a big old bundle of newness from my makeup BFF Tarte. If that photo of their impressive new lineup of goodies doesn’t leave you swooning, then all hope is lost ;)

The Loves

Naturally you would assume everything would fall under this category and usually you wouldn’t stand corrected, however here I am breaking new boundaries and switching things up a bit. Besides, our purses must be saved for only the best ;) The blush duh has firmly been added to my daily routine of cheek popping options. True Love* is just that, a reddish pink that gives warmth to the skin without coming across too red. Although this has been known to be a tough shade to work with I have had no such drama, the pigmentation works to your advantage so you won’t end up with bright red cheeks before you step out the house.

The Amazonian Coloured Clay Concealer & Finishing Powder* aka how all concealers need to be. You have a mirror, pot of setting power and a concealer that really knows how to kick ass, bye bye imperfections as they don’t have a fighting chance as soon as this is applied. Go easy on the application but my tip is to blend the product in-between your index fingers so it warms up and doesn’t look heavy on the skin.

If you are Feeling Flush

Setting powers, a must for many yet an immediate leave for the rest. The Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder* is a beaut but not something I would be rushing out to buy. A finely milled powder that softly masks any points of shine on the face, this sets your makeup for the day ahead and leaves your skin looking like a soft focus filter has been applied to it *cough* Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder *cough* Loose powders I find to be more hassle then they are worth so I would naturally pass them by however there is no denying that this powder does leaving your skin looking flawless.

The Leaves

Whhhhaaaat Tarte products to leave? Bare with me here guys! Firstly the Prismatic Eye Colour Enhancing Shadow Palette* A selection of nude shades should instantly be a love however I just can’t get over that packaging! I’m sorry but whoever thought it was a good idea to put four shades in a bulky and oversized glitter box needs to have a sit-down with the boss as it’s just not okay ;) As soon as I can depot these buttery shadows I will be a much happier woman!

The what on earth is that product aka the Coloured Clay CC Primer* Seriously though, I understand what they are trying to do with this but it just doesn’t translate into practice. A twist up stick primer that contains three shades to correct uneven skin tone and blemishes, this is meant to brighten skin and neutralise redness but ultimately it ends up leaving me confused and sits unloved banished to the shelf of shame.

Have you tried out any of these new products yet from Tarte? Which are your must have items from the brand? Also you can totally see that this picture was taken before my dip into the dirty blonde pool, even the level of blonde brightness here makes me glad I’ve gone for the change!

*pr sample

  • MaquillageMagic

    All of this looks great, I am still yet to try anything from Tarte but I really want to give so much of it a go!

    Laura xxx


  • Lou S

    I’d really love to try Tarte blushes, they are so hard to get here in Spain!


  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Wow those products all look gorgeous, I wish Tarte was easier to get hold of!

    Sophie x

  • Hannah Marie

    These all look gorgeous!


  • Karii Zenteno

    looks great! i so wanna try Tarte products

  • I adore Tarte blushes! I currently own Tipsy and Exposed. Both are some of my favourite as I am incredibly impressed by the quality. I’m definitely hoping to try more by the brand. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • Oh boy Tarte sounds so lush!!! Definitely need to get round to adding them to my wishlist, rather than just adding their products to my cart on CVS/Sephora then sadly taking them all out again…

    By Her Mirror

  • I’m with you on the appreciation of your new hair colour! You already looked amazing but I love the change ;) Love all your Tarte posts, the day I’ll finally try something from them I’ll be prepared! ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty