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one love organics
one love organics

One Love Organics*

As you may remember from my Mad Hatters Tea Party post that graced the blog back on Monday, the afternoon wasn’t just about indulging in sweet treats and delectable teas, we were there to talk beauty, but of course ;) The brand that we were eager to discuss is new on the scene, all the way from the States the super fab organic skincare brand One Love Organics has finally made their way across the pond. Known for their natural and ethically driven mantra they create hand made and hand filled products that focus on giving your skin what it needs. I’ve been lucky enough to dabble with this brand in the past but now their whole range is at our fingertips and boy am I glad that through are.

Brimming with a bundle of skincare goodies it’s easy to fall in love with One Love’s packaging and get swooped into the entire range. From cleanser through to cleansing sponge (oh yes) they have all bases covered and will leave your skin feeling revitalised and refreshed. The Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum contains watermelon seed oil to smooth skin and helps provide an anti ageing finish. Skin is protected from environmental sources and with every ingredient inside this bottle being plant based, you know your skin is in for a treat. For a pit stop in exfoliation there is the Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque.   Used either alone as a mask or in with your cleanser for more intense exfoliating clean, sweet pea flour and fresh pineapple enzymes will keep your skin in check.

New to the brand? Fear not as all these delights come in mini form for your convince. Travelling or just want to try out a few items, you can pick up your favourites in a smaller size for a smidgen of the price. Oh how I wish all brands cottoned on to this and offered the same! Also, keep your eyes out for their Cleansing Sponge. Made with 100% pure konjac plant fibre this helps to detoxify pores whilst buffing dead skin cells away. If that isn’t enough, it also comes in an adorable heart same, sign me up for five ;)

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  • Such pretty pics – love this brand!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • I legit cannot look at the brand name without thinking of the boy band Blue…… just me? And what is it about medical-style skincare packaging and making my soul itch to spend? Espesh with the whole mini try-out sitch… Errrbody else needs to catch on big style!

    • Ahahah I had never thought of that! Though now that is all I can think of :P One of these days everyone will embrace the minis!xx

      • Haha it’s so got to catch on!xx

  • Jane Marino

    These products look enticing…. may have to try them!!