Cleanser Perfection

cleansing duo

When your skin takes an unplanned and unwelcome 180 switcharoo, it can throw you off guard and leave you staring at your skincare stash in disbelief. I’ve mentioned a couple of times (okay too many times!) that my chin has turned into an angry and stubborn teenager that loves red and mean looking breakouts. They. Won’t. Stop. Popping. Up. I’ve tried treatments, masks, chemical exfoliation and even serums to help banish them once and for all but they simply won’t go away. Considering I went through a period of wearing a different foundation everyday, it’s unsurprising that my skin is less then settled, even though I haven’t been the most loyal brand person I wish everything would just take a minute and calm back down. Since getting back from holiday I’ve made a pact to keep things more consistent in an aim to help restore my skin back to a happy and calm state. This change has started with the most important skincare step, cleansing.

Sticking with the double cleanse approach I’ve employed two products to step up to the plate and help out my miserable looking skin. Both of these items are suited for sensitivity and help to clean away impurities and bacteria whilst ensuring my face doesn’t get any redder. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is the first step that effortlessly lifts away makeup and grime. This doesn’t leave a residue on your skin and removes even stubborn waterproof makeup with ease. A soothing initial step this has helped to minimise blemishes whilst treating any that have decided to surface. Next I go in with a slightly heavier balm product in the form of the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. Formulated without any perfumes or fragrances this is the best friend for sensitive skin. Again this brings to the surface any bubbling problems and helps to clean them all away.

Since simplifying my routine and sticking to the same products I have noticed that the volume and pattern of breakouts has lessened. Yes, new ones will not stop surfacing, but I might have to blame my sudden increase of chocolate for that one ;)