Becoming a Fan of SPF


SPF – we all know we should wear it on a daily basis but do we? It can seem like a faff to add yet another product into your already brimming skincare routine, however it is vital to keep your skin protected and prevent any premature aging. Over the years I’ve given a fair few sun creams, lotions and potions a whirl with a longtime favourite being the from Piz Buin range. I usually travel with my mum, who suffers with heat rash and sensitive skin in the sun, so we always had to be careful with the items we took away with us. Recently though I’ve been spreading my SPF wings and giving a a few new products a try, what a good job I have as I’ve fallen for three new key products that keep me protected from those harmful UV rays.

The fancy schmancy scientific formula comes from the brand Institut Estederm. Being a pale gal I’ve always struggled with burning when out in the sun. As soon as I heard about this range and it’s ability to prevent your skin from going red, I knew I had to give it a try. Not the cheapest sun protection you will be able to get your hands on, this builds up your skins tolerance to the UV rays and as opposed to giving you a SPF protection from the sun or prolonging the time until you do burn, it stops that burn altogether. I’m not explaining it the best way possible but checkout their website as this bottle gave me a glorious tan whilst in Dubai without a single patch of burnt skin. Winner in my books.

When it comes to SPF for your face it can be easy to think that having it incorporated with your primer and foundation will be sufficient, however, it’s always best to use a targeted product to keep your face protected. This is where the Zelens Daily Defence* comes into play. Again, not the cheapest option you will find, but if you want to avoid your skin from looking like Caspar the ghost and your foundation from sliding down your face, this is the one for you. Super lightweight, instantly absorbed all whilst giving you a coverage of SPF 30. Lovely jubbly.

Finally comes my new SPF obsession. I never knew I could become so hooked to an SPF so quickly but I have with this, the reasoning why? It is simply a dream to apply! The Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist SPF 30* is the quickest and easiest SPF I have ever used. You thought the spray bottles that got clogged up and end up dripping all over your bathroom floor were the easiest forms of SPF available? Think again. This removes all those nightmares and makes you want to apply your SPF everyday, or, in my case, all the freaking time! This disperses the product as a super fine mist that coats your skin in seconds. It doesn’t leave any white marks, you don’t need to rub the product in and it drys almost instantly. Told ya it was good ;)

*pr sample

  • I only recently started using SPF (I know..bad, bad, really bad) but I do struggle with sunscreen smell, it makes me dizzy. However, I do love L’Oreal UV Perfect SPF50+ 12H Long Lasting UV Protector, it’s seriously an amazing product. Not sure if it’s available in western countries though as I believe it’s designed specially for Asian skin.

  • 007twinkles .

    What a fantastic post, I really need to use more SPF protection when in the UK. Thanks for posting ;)

  • Nora Gouma

    Estederm looks amazing. Will get it….:)