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The cheeks. That podgy little area on your face that can transform your complexion as soon as a dusting of powder is applied to the apples. I’m not one of those people that has a surplus of blushes and cheek products, I am pretty loyal to the shades I like and you know this is the truth by the fact I’ve hit pan on three in my collection, dedication alert I know. Although picking up a new blush is a rather rare occurrence for myself I managed to add two to my collection whilst away and a sneaky blush/highlighter hybrid maybe have been snapped up on my final day as well. What can I say, as soon as the words limited edition come into play I turn into a woman possessed.

The one blusher that was on my wish list without a doubt was the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. With the powder being my daily best friend it was only a matter of time before this got added into the mix. Although my mind was set on different shade it was this pinky offering called Luminous Flush that caught my eye. A step out of my comfort zone this gives a gorgeous soft focused look to your skin, similar to it’s powder counterpart, and it lasts really well throughout the day. Also. The packaging. Gorge.

What’s that you spy? Oh yes a Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium. A blogger favourite, I’ve always swatched these when seen on counter but find myself walking away empty handed, that was until Lilium stole my heart. A soft pinky coral shade this blends into the apples of your cheeks to give a heathy glow. It doesn’t cause your makeup underneath to smear away and you can easily control the amount of pigmentation you get.

The final item is in limited edition world and comes in the form of Estee Lauder Pure Colour Illuminating Powder Gelee in the shade Crystal Baby. Oh my goodness this is beautiful. Like, take a moment and breath it all in kind of beautiful. The soft shimmer hue it leaves on your skin makes you look heathy and radiant and you only need the smallest amount for it to bounce off the sunlight. I won’t say too much as it’s near impossible to get, but if you can, wow.

  • Wow these all look lovely! I can’t wait to try the hourglass blush – I LOVE their ambient lighting powder!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  • Kerm

    I want to try the Tarte blush, but I am loving Benefit’s Bella Bamba :)

  • Rachel

    It is forever to my horror that I missed out on the EL blush – it is the most stunning looking thing! xx

    • Oh my good god it is so beautiful I hate to break it to you! If you are ever in Nordstroms in the States see if they have one! Hahah xx

  • Coco

    Cheek product heaven x

  • Sandy

    Such beautiful products! Love the formula of the hourglass blushers, I use the shade I picked up radiant magenta alllllll the time! xx

  • I am with you on Stila Convertible Colour. I have one in Petunia and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I think I would cry.if Stila ever discontinue this product!