New Skincare Additions


To round off haul week (not that I’m done hauling yet…don’t judge me!) I thought it was best I paid thanks to some skincare gems that I snapped up whilst in the States. Both of these items were at the top of my wish list and since incorporating them into my daily routine they have made the world of difference. Although my breakouts haven’t vanished overnight, they have subsided and my skin is looking more radiant and healthy as the days progress. Both products hit cult status within the beauty world and it’s nice to see that at times, the hype really is validated. Happy skin, it’s time to say thanks to the FAB Facial Radiance Pads and the infamous Kate Somerville Goat Milk.

With chemical exfoliants quickly working they way up to BFF status in my eyes, it was only a matter of time before I couldn’t resist having this as part of my routine. FAB radiance pads are suitable for all skin types and are a gentle form of exfoliation that not only clears the skin, they also work at toning and brightening. Containing a delicate mix of lactic and glycolic acid, used daily they will make a noticeable difference to the quality of your complexion. I find my face doesn’t feel tight after use and I pop on a serum and moisturiser as normal without any hydration problems throughout the day.

Moving on to the hard to get item, I can finally say that the goat milk is in my life. Wow, honestly never thought that would be a sentence I would find myself writing on here! A restorative and gentle moisturiser I had high hopes that this would deliver a lightweight yet effective injection of hydration into my skin. Oh boy does it! Containing natural ingredients such as aloe, jojoba and avocado, there is also a dose of lactic acid inside. Clearly my skin had been craving this as a sudden increase has helped clear things up. My skin doesn’t get greasy throughout the day and it is left looking smooth, calm and radiant. I hope I don’t like this stuff too much otherwise I’ll have to pop on a plane every time I run out ;)

Have you tried any of these skincare products before? What are your wonder items when your skin is acting up?