Spring with Essie


Although I flit between nail polish brands, my heart will always belong to one. No surprise here considering over half of my nail varnishes are made up of this stand out polish brand but you really can’t go wrong with them. Not quite sure where I’m going with this build up as no surprise to who this brand is, it’s Essie. Long before their defusion line I would ransack the aisles of CVS and Duane Read whenever in the States to snap up as many polishes as I could. Their shade selection, formulas and bottle design hit it out of the park on every category. Fun fact for you here, I don’t own any OPI polishes just because I don’t like the bottle design!

To help kick my mood into the Spring mindset, and in a bid to snazz up my current manicure rotation, I picked up a current Essie collection shade in this adorable minty hue. With a cute name to match, Fashion Playground is just the icing on the beautiful pastel cake. With a very subtle shimmer running through out, think Bikini So Teeny, this can be paired with many a Summer outfit and shimmers in the sun light.

Never one to leave a shop with one item I also picked up a top coat in a bit of a whim to see how Essie fairs when it comes to nail care. I’ve already got a base coat from them and unfortunately this No Chips Top Coat falls into the same disappointing category. It did little to help in prolonging my manicure and I actually think it’s addition made the chips worse. A shame really but I’ve found with my nails the fewer costs I use, base & too cost included, the longer my manicure lasts.

  • Sue

    No Chips top coat is rubbish. Like all of the top coats made for “not-chipping”. They make your nail polish dry much harder in texture and then it’s fragile. But make sure you try Essie’s Good To Go topcoat, it’s just perfect. Makes my nails chip free for a whole week ;) Same as Seche Vite but it doesn’t turn gloopy as quickly.

    • Ah that’s really interesting – I didn’t know they did that. Will have to give the Good to Go topcoat a try =) Thanks lovely!xx

  • Maria Hussain

    Nail polish color is pretty but too bad that top coat didn’t work for you….xoxoxo…..^_^


  • Amber Hunter

    You should definitely try Essie’s good to go topcoat! It dries amazingly fast and it is so, so shiny! Occasionally it gives a gel-esque finish to my nails because it has such an amazing shine.
    Lovely Notions

  • I’ve never found the formulations of essie polishes to be that good so I’m not surprised that top coat didn’t meet your expectations, I love Fashion Playground it is such a pretty but not too bright pastel <3


  • Mrs_Flipflop

    Not tried Essie nail polishes, but just might have to now. That colour is to die for x

  • Ive been hearing a tonne about this polish! Shame about the topcoat!

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  • Belle

    I love their new collection, Truth or Flare is my current favourite, Fashion Playground needs to be added to my collection for sure.

    Belle ♥
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  • be likealady

    just ohhhhhhhh, baby blue is the best

  • Sophie

    Fashion playground looks gorgeous :)