A Hair Transformation


On Tuesday night – my hair was transformed. No word of a lie as the incredible Ollie Blackaby, at my fav hair salon chain Headmasters, worked some some type of conditioning magic on my tresses that were in disarray. I walked in with a dry and frizzy mess that was so drastic, my ends separated as if they were all magnetic and automatically repelled each other. My colour looked dull and lifeless and I was experiencing a whole new level of unwanted volume. I shared my concerns with Ollie and after a few foils, a cut and a conditioning treatment from Kerastase, it was as if I had been blessed with someone else’s hair.

Foils were added to lift the blonde, bring it back to life and inject some colour back in to the undersides of my hair where everything was starting to get a bit too dark and brunette for my liking. An inch was taken off in length as well to snip off the split ends and improve the overall condition of my locks. The next and big transformation came from a little bottle that Ollie sprayed on my damp and newly coloured hair. From Kerastase, Headmasters offer a number of different treatments that are infused into yours hair to restore it to a soft and conditioned state.

Although these photos don’t do the treatment justice, BTW they were taken the next day when I couldn’t resist spraying in some dry shampoo, I know, pot kettle black much?! My hair looked and felt incredible, silky to the touch and it bounced in the wind like I was in a haircare advert. I only wish I had this conditioning treatment at home so every day was a sleek hair day. Instead, I’ve done the next best thing and added many new hair care items to my wish list ;)

*this was a press visit to Headmasters