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Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum – £6.99*

Today I am bringing you a budget offering for your fine little tootsies on this bright and sunny Thursday. As unglamorous as this product looks in the photos, it’s time to look past the first impressions and delve inside as it is one of my must have products for Spring and Summer. When the glorious ball of sunshine is up ahead there is nothing worse then having unprepped feet. As soon as flip flop and sandal weather hits the town you want to be able to rush outside the door and enjoy the warmer temperatures as opposed to faff inside with your feet.

Do you ever think about how dehydrated your feet can get on a daily basis? Now, next time you pop a hydrating mask onto your skin, you can also pop one onto your feet. Packed full of hyaluronic acid, the beauty ingredient buzz word at the moment, your feet can now indulge in the same treatment that your face gets. One pump is all you need and this will cover both feet, the cooling gel instantly gets to work and you are left with hydrated feet that look and feel happy.

Now having an anti home pedi is easier then ever. Getting your feet into tip top shape is less of a mean feat and can be achieved in one quick and easy step that doesn’t break the bank. Your little tootsies go through a lot on a daily basis so it’s important they get the love and care they deserve. Pick up this little serum, pop some one and your feet will be thanking you the next day.

*pr sample