Empties #7 – The Cleansers


If someone can answer the age old question of why everything runs out at once – I will be eternally grateful. This exact fate fell upon myself the other week when both of my cleansers ended up in the empties pile. For a girl that has become an avid double cleanser this proved to be quite the problem. Aside from having to hop foot my way over to my nearest beauty store, this moment also highlighted the fact that these cleansers were so darn good I used up every last bit. This is no mean feat and something I take pretty seriously, so seriously in fact here I am sharing it with you ;)

The first cleanser that bit the dust is from Antipodes and comes in the form of their Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser*. A light red gel this was reserved for my second cleanse after the bulk of my makeup had been removed by something a little bit stronger. Although I didn’t find this to impart a noticeable brightness to slightly dull skin, it is a beautiful cleanser. You get a lot inside the bottle and you only need a small amount. It helped to keep my skin clear and didn’t strip it of any essential oils.

The second cleanser is one of the much hyped balm cleansers that was all the rave a few months ago. From Merumaya the Melting Cleansing Balm retails at an impressive £14.50 and has been my go to pick when it comes to removing my makeup. A lovely and rich feeling balm this lifts away makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara, with ease and doesn’t leave your skin feeling irritated or dry. My only gripe is the fact this goes really quick, yes the price is low but don’t expect it to be hanging around two months down the line.

Overall – Juliet Cleanser, I miss you and am debating adding you back into my life however I still have my heart set on repurchasing the Aurealia Miracle Cleanser which is just divine. Merumaya, it was fun meeting you but I don’t envisage us crossing paths again anytime soon.

*pr sample