A Skin Miracle?

garnier skin miracle
garnier miracle cream
garnier skin miracle

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream – £12.99*

Welcome to one of the most confusing beauty items on the market, an item that doesn’t sit neatly within a single product category but instead flits around refusing to still firmly within a solitary bracket. Are you a moisturiser, a BB Cream a tinted moisturiser heck even a CC Cream? Who knows. Instead of fighting and trying to find a place to pop this within my over categorised mind, I’ve embraced the unknown and just gone with it. The source of my current state of disarray is the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream Anti-Ageing and Skin Transforming Care aka the everything you ever need neatly wrapped up inside a single tube ;)

The packaging promises you the Earth on a silver platter. Instantly flawless skin, 24 hour hydration, anti-wrinkle formulation that improves skin quality over time, SPF 50 and it suits all skin types. Although the packaging clearly displays all of the wonderful skin properties this supposedly miracle cream offers, it fails to give you that all important category. Just what are you?! At first I settled on moisturiser. A white cream inside the tube I popped this on as the last step in my skincare routine. This however is where everything changed, the white cream quickly dissipated and became a foundation like substance that started to cover my skin and blur imperfections.

Granted the finish was extremely light, but there was no denying that this acted in a similar fashion to a foundation or tinted moisturiser. Imperfections were hidden, skin tone was left even and I didn’t feel the need to do anything else but pop on a bit of concealer (and this is in the current blemish city state my skin is experiencing). I’ve worn this as my base at the weekends, to work and feel just as covered as I do compared to a standard foundation. For those who like a bit more coverage think of this like you would the Origins VitaZing. All the skincare benefits may be lost on me but as a natural and light base, this is works wonders.

*pr sample