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Nouris Oils*

Oils. You gotta love them. No matter what your skin type or concern there is an oil out there suited for you. My knowledge of oils is constantly expanding and the more I try, the more my skin and body likes them. Even hair oils get added into the mix, it’s a surprise I don’t find myself slipping down the platform at the tube station ;) When it comes to oils you want to be sure that whatever you choose to apply comes from a good source and contains the purest ingredients. Cue the brand Nouris. With a wide range of oils that are all organic and natural, this is a great place to start if you are new to oils or are starting to vamp up your oil game. Nouris are a family run business in Cheshire and every oil they sell contains pure grown ingredients that are carefully pressed to produce a high quality yield.

From the brand I have been giving each of their popular oils a whirl, with first up to batt, Rosehip Oil. This has quickly become a ‘must have oil’ thanks to its skin healing and treating properties. Applied on your face at night or to any scars or stretch marks and this will help to fade away the damage. The results of this oil are lovely and it’s list of skin benefits are pretty endless, however I have to say, it stinks. Every time I apply it I grimace at it’s smell yet the fact I keep applying it religiously every night is testament to the difference it has made to my skin. Next up on the trial list was their Argan Oil. A saviour for dry and damaged tresses this has been working a treat in my unruly split ends and has helped to keep my hair more manageable and sleek. The oil that is new to me comes in the form of Monoi Oil. The only thing I can compare this to is coconut oil as it is a solid wax that has to be warmed up before used. This melts down into a liquid that you can apply to receive it’s soothing and moisturising properties. For skin and hair treatment this divine smelling oil will have you slicked up to the max. For organic oils with with great prices jump onto the band wagon with Nouris.

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