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Umberto Giannini Dazzling Shine Glossing Mist – £5.40*

Being a dry shampoo lover I often find myself with dry tresses that are craving a bit of moisture and love. Thanks to a slightly oily scalp combined with fine hair, the need for dry shampoo surpasses the want level and boarders into necessity. Dramatic I know but considering it is the only thing that has helped me break my daily hair washing habit, I owe a lot to the simple gem that is dry shampoo. To balance out the dryness that can sometimes occur from using such a product I’ve found pairing it with a shine enhancer makes all the difference. The Umberto Giannini Shine Glossing Mist contains a light oil that moisturises your hair and helps prevent and reduce any frizz. The mist itself is very light and and imparts a lovely shine and gloss all over. For days where an oil would be too heavy or I am just looking for an added shine injection, this spray helps to fill the void. It doesn’t weight my hair down or leave it feeling sticky or stiff, quite simply that salon shine is reintroduced to my once dry and frizzy locks. Overall it gives me more happy and healthy hair that ready for the day ahead!

*pr sample

  • I used to love umberto giannini a couple of years ago, I need to try their products again x

  • Mel Zia

    they sound really nice , i used to use these , need to start using them again
    Melissa x


  • Becky Bye

    I love this dry shampoo it smells so nice! Thanks for reminding me :) x

  • Amy Cox

    Definitely going to try out this dry shampoo, i need a new one to test :)